Introduction of CAAA


  China Animal Agriculture Association (CAAA) is an affiliation formed at the national level with membership from enterprises, public institutions and individuals involved in animal husbandry and related industries. It is a non-profit social body with legal entity. Amongst its various roles in the animal agriculture industry, CAAA provides service, coordination, self-discipline, right protection and management. Scope of Activities and Services:

  The activities and services of CAAA cover Industry Management, International Cooperation, Conference & Exhibition, Professional Training, Product Recommendation, Quality Authentication, Information Exchange and Consultancy Services.

Objectives of the Association:

  Objectives of CAAA include Integration of Industry Resources, Standardization of Industry Ethics, Protection of Industry Interest, Development of Industry Activities, Exchanges of Industry Information and Promotion of Industry Development.

Ministry in Charge:

  Ministry of Agriculture, the People's Republic of China

Registration Administration:

  Ministry of Civil Affairs, the People's Republic of China

Meaning of logo:

  This logo is the deformation of “CAAA”. Its circular outline symbolizes globalization-developing trend of CHINA ANIMAL AGRICULTURE ASSOCIATION. Deformation of three "A" forms a kind of dynamic attitude contains a strong enterprising spirit of striving and the cohesion of this industry. Simultaneously, it represents the ideology of “serve the members, serve the industry and serve the government” as well.

  This logo is an organic integrity full of vitality, unique artistic beauty and symbolic significance. It vividly portrays the inner quality of CAAA in making full use of all positive factors and outstanding internal resources, and also shows that as a communication platform for this industry, CAAA has confidence and determination to develop and strive together with China's animal and agriculture industry.



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