Organizations and functions

Membership Department
1. Responsible for the registration, annual inspection and the change of the association, the Branch office and agency.
2. Responsible for the development and management of members, coordinate member's relations and serve them.
3. Responsible for the building and management of membership database.
4. Responsible for the rewards and punishment for Members and branches.
5. Responsible for the holding of membership conference, council and routine council.
6. Assist every association's work.
7. Responsible for the contact with local animal husbandry association.
8. Fulfill other works from secretariat.

Exhibition Department
1. Investigate and study domestic and overseas animal husbandry and the related industry's developing tendency, provide the consultation and the suggestion for the industry policy, the laws and regulations, the plans made by the government.
2. Draw up the animal husbandry behavior standards, establish the industry autonomy mechanism, build the good environment for industry interior competition, maintain the overall benefit of this industry.
3. Coordinate producing, providing and selling, develop domestic and overseas market, assist the export and import trade work, provide methods for the government on anti-dumping, protect industry benefit.
4. Responsible for inviting businesses and exhibitors, organizing exhibition and afterwards summary of CAAA.
5. Collect and analyze exhibition information from home and overseas of this industry.
6. Organize related conferences.
7. Fulfill other works from secretariat.

International Cooperation Department
1. Develop good relationship with foreign associations, enterprises and individuals from this industry.
2. Organize economic and technological cooperation with foreigners.
3. Collect and analyze the developing tendency of foreign animal husbandry industry.
4. Assist the information center to build the English web.
5. Fulfill other works from secretariat.

Information Center
1. Collect, compile, analyze, communicate and release the information of animal husbandry industry.
2. Manage the information web and proceedings of conferences.
3. Recommend high quality and reliable breeding, feed, equipments and medicine information for the members.
4. Organize technical advisory work and dissemination of technology pass on the producing, market and technological information swiftly.
5. Assist the member department to publicizes and serves members;
6. Fulfill other works from secretariat.

Public Relationship Department
1. Publicize and plan the activities to public.
2. Contact with the mass media.
3. Organize the training of industry talents.
4. Fulfill other works from secretariat.

General Affairs Department
1. Responsible for the daily administration, human affairs, finance, records management.
2. Manage the meeting room, fixed assets, vehicles, and telephones.
3. Responsible for the reception and connection with other organizations.
4. Fulfill other works from secretariat. 

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