Year 2008


On January 15, Vice-secretary General of National Cattle Industry Association, Liu Qiangde visited MEAT & LIVESTOCK AUSTRALIA Beijing office, had a conversation with MLA Asia Manager Zheng Xuan and come to an agreement on long term cooperation.

Jan.19-24, accompanied with China Association of Poverty Alleviation and Development, State Development Bank, China International Engineering Consulting Co.. National Cattle Industry Association visited Gansu and Ningxia to do research on Cattle project. Two purposes for this activity: first is to study the feasibility about cattle loan project, second is to get the primary data about cattle industry.

On Jan. 21, Vice-secretary General of National Swine Industry Association, Jing Jizhong made a presentation on China Swine Industry development to CEO of Smithfield company in Ministry of Agriculture.

On Jan. 25, Science and Education department of MOA held one day conference in Beijing Agricultural University ; the topic was Commonweal industry technological and educational project and modern agriculture. President of National Cattle Industry Association, Chen Youchun attended this conference.

On Jan. 26, the press conference and preparatory committee for Forth Tibetan Mastiff exposition held in Xi'an . Leaders from CNKC, Tibetan Mastiff breeders, fanciers and professional medium, more than 150 took part in this event.

In Jan.2008, National Poultry Industry Association set up a new project which was Weekly Price Report on layers.

In Jan. to Feb., National Poultry Industry Association proposed some suggestion on further promoting poultry industry development to Ministry of Agriculture. These recommendations were concerned by MOA.

On Feb. 14, Mr. Jing Jizhong, vice-secretary general of national swine industry association, was interview by CCTV on topics of pig price, pig industry development and future trend.

On Feb. 23, President Chen Youchun and vice-secretary general Liu Qiangde of national cattle industry association attended  BLACK BOX  International Beef Cooking Competition which was held by MLA.

On Feb.27, invited by PIC, vice-secretary general Jing Jizhong attended the opening ceremony of Jiangxi Zhengbang pig farms, this was the first farm established by multinational company PIC and local company.

On Feb. 29, Director of International department of Danish Agricultural Council, KNUD BUHL visited CAAA. Main topics as followed: China feed and pork market, Danish pig breeding situation.

March 1, 2008. Vice-secretary General of National Swine Industry Association was interviewed by CCTV on pig futures.

March 1-2, the Forth Tibetan Mastiff exposition held in ancient city Xi'an organized by CNKC. More than 10,000 people attended this event. More than 900 Tibetan Mastiffs were on the show. With the cooperation of other organizations, the exhibition was a great success and promoted healthy development of China Tibetan Mastiff.

March 4, invited by Dalian Commodity Exchange, National Swine Industry Association attended senior economic analyst seminar on Futures, discussed about long-term pig breeding situation and Pig futures speculation point.

March 7, the 3rd pig industry development conference was held in Chengdu which was undertaken by Sichuan Tieqilishi Company.

March 18, vice secretary general of national swine industry association attended the British pig breeding seminar held by British Embassy.

March 19, president of BRITISH PIG ASSCOIATION, Chris Jackson and Peter Hardwick, Phyllis and Grace from British Embassy visited our association, discussed about 2209 global pig forum.

March 21, president of Canadian swine export association and Marketing inspector general Rosemary Smart accompanied with Commercial Counselor Jordan Reeves from Canadian Embassy visited CAAA and communicated on cooperation.

March 25-27, the 1st yellow broiler industry development conference was held in Guangzhou which was held by CAAA, undertaken by Guangdong Wenshi Group and Guangdong poultry industry association. More than 600 delegations attended this conference. This conference built a bridge for enterprises to communicate with each other and promote healthy and sustainable development of poultry industry.

March 27, pig farm waste treatment technology seminar was held in Fuzhou .

March 31, manager of marketing department of DLG, Mr. Luth and project manager Zhang Li visited CAAA. 4 topics for this meeting: 1.DLG hopes CAAA to make a group to attend EUROTIER 2008 in Hanover ; 2. DLG asked CAAA to help them to organize China-Europe swine industry seminar; 3. DLG hope to co-organize large scale animal husbandry exhibition together with CAAA both in China and Europe ; 4. Confirm the schedule of visiting DLG in Germany for General secretary Mr. Shen.

April 1, China national livestock bureau and BVN signed an agreement on promoting Simmental breed both for beef and milk and setting up China and Europe cooperation project.

In April, after industry investigation and discussion, national poultry industry association composed a suggestion for the future development of China yellow broiler industry and reported to MOA.

On April 3, vice secretary general of CAAA attended the agriculture seminar organized by DLG and China Agriculture University and made a presentation on the seminar.

April 9-24, national poultry industry association organized a group 21 people to visit Europe . And it was a success to visit related companies ?? organizations and universities.

April 15, vice secretary general Mr. Jing Jizhong attended Meat and Live Animals Stock Qualification Appraisal Meeting which was held by Ministry of Commerce of P.R.China.

April 18, State Physical Culture Administration, National Cattle Industry Association and Yuxiangyuan Holding Group held Yuxiangyuan Brand promotion conference and high-quality beef exhibition in Beijing . The subject of the conference is ??Youth, Nutrition, Healthy?? which demonstrated high-grade beef produced by Yuxiangyuan Holding Group.

April 21-30, National poultry Industry Association assisted vice secretary general Ma Chuang in collecting data to make 'First quarter national layer production report' .

April 22, invited by Danish Embassy, vice secretary general of National Swine Industry Association Mr. Jing Jizhong attended '2nd Sino-Danish food safety conference'.

May 9-10, 'West China Poultry Forum' organized by National Poultry Industry Association, undertaken by Sichuan Tieqilishi Group, held in Emei Sichuan.

May 17, Qinchuan Cattle development conference and Inaugural Meeting of Qinchuan Cattle Industry Federation held in Xi'an , Shaanxi . More than 100 delegates from government, research institutions and companies attended this conference.

May 17, China Animal Agriculture Association, Chinese Association of Animal & Veterinary Sciences and ISAH held 2008 International live pig industry seminar in Xi'an . Experts and elites from swine industry from China , Europe , and America Australia and so on attended the seminar and discussed on healthy development and management of swine industry.

May 17, China Animal Agriculture Association and Shaanxi Provincial Department of Agriculture organized Qinbao Brand promotion meeting in Xi'an . Leaders from government and delegates from financial system, Restaurant System and news media, more than 200 people attended this meeting.

May 18, National Poultry Industry Association organized a seminar with the topic Disease control in large-sized poultry farms .Vice secretary general of CAAA, Mr. Ma Chuang made a speech on ?? Statistics and facts of China poultry industry??.

May 18, National swine industry association signed a cooperation memorandum with Canadian Swine Export Association in Xi'an .

May 19, national poultry industry association attended National (GPS) Grand Parents Layers entrepreneur Forum in Xi'an .

May 22, president of National cattle industry association, Mr. Chen Youchun attended a forum organized by MLA to welcome Australian entrepreneur, introduce China cattle industry to them and hope to enhance cooperation between China and Australia .

May 24-June 1, Delegates from China Animal Agriculture Association, Ministry of Agriculture, International Exchange Service Center and Beijing Agria Group Co., Ltd. visited Tanzania to do a research on beef cattle industry. Tanzania has plenty of grass resource, large population and a lot of land resource, China and Tanzania are highly complementary in resources and technology, there will be a promising investment prospects.

May 27, CNKC organized Earthquake donation activity in Beijing 21 century Hotel. More than 100 Tibetan Mastiff fanciers attended this event. Leaders from authorities and Tibetan Mastiff fanciers donated nearly 400,000 Yuan to buy Disinfectant. And all these Disinfectant and money were send to disaster area on May 31, 2008.

June 6, the 6th China rabbit Gourmet Festival was held in various parts of the country.

June 18, China national poultry industry association held the training seminar on 'National poultry production and price information monitoring reporting software' in Shijiazhuang. More than 63 people from integrated companies attended this seminar.

June 19, China national poultry industry association held '2008 national poultry disease control technology seminar' in Shijiazhuang . More than 150 people attended this seminar.

July 14, German shepherd association visited CAAA.

July 15, beef cattle experts from Australia visited CAAA.

July 17, VIV from Holland visit CAAA.

July 23, CAMTRASIA Company and Canada China Network Council visited CAAA.

August 25, British Embassy Beijing visited CAAA.

September 4, CAAA held a meeting directed by President Mr.Zhang Baowen.

During the meeting, general-secretary Mr. Shen reported recent work condition and achievements to president. And other delegates raised their own valuable advice for the development of CAAA. And Mr. Zhang brought forward specific request for the future of CAAA.

September 20-22, the 5th China sheep industry development conference was held in Gaizhou , Liaoning province which was organized by China Animal Agriculture Association, Liaoning Gaizhou Municipal government and Liaoning livestock Science Academy . More than 500 managers, experts, entrepreneurs attended the opening ceremony.

Sept. 23, CAAA organized entrepreneurs from cattle industry to attend food safety seminar to discuss how to guarantee food safety.

Sept. 27, China Animal Agriculture Association held 2nd China Mutton Gourmet festival in Jiangsu .

Oct. 14, Taiwan Sugar Corporation visit CAAA. They consulted the pattern of pig breeding in mainland and discussed whether Taiwan could develop pig industry in some area of the mainland.

Oct. 14, meeting on business cooperation of China Animal agriculture Association information website was held in the meeting room. They discussed current Operations Status, business develop schedule, advantages and operating patterns.

Oct. 23, American Embassy visit CAAA. The main topic discussed was about how to establish Pig industry forum in China.

Oct.25, CAAA held East China's Tibetan Mastiff Club Council Committee in Shanghai . After democratic election, it generated new members of board.

November 11-13, American Hailan company and Shijiazhuang Hua Mu Animal Husbandry Co., Ltd. held ??Advanced manufacturing technology of Hailan layers seminar " and " China scale-breeding Hailan layers Development Summit " in Shijiazhuang .




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