Year 2009


Jan. 15, CNSV of China National Kennel Club held 1 st members conference in Great Hall of the People in Beijing . More than 300 people from government authorities, international German shepherd association and local German shepherd associations attended the conference, elected the first council members and put over work plans and objectives.

Jan. 18, Preliminary Session of 5th China Tibetan Mastiff Expo. was held in Beijing Huadu Hotel. More than 200 people attended the meeting and discussed how to organize 5th China Tibetan Mastiff Expo., recommend judges, promote brand-famous Tibetan mastiff kennel, and serve members and so on.

In Feb, national poultry industry Exchange Conference was held. When poultry industry was attacked by international financial crisis and human infectious highly pathogenic bird flu, great changes happened in domestic consumption and

international trade, China national poultry industry association held industry exchange conference in Beijing . In the meeting, delegates investigated on current industry and put forward measures and suggestions to conquer problems. After the meeting, the report was up to Ministry of Agriculture.

Feb.4, 1st standing committee conference of CNSV was held successfully in Shenyang , all council members attended the conference. The main topic of the meeting was to discuss recent work plans for CNSV and deployed specific work schedules.

Feb. 21-22, National Beef cattle Industry technical system inaugural meeting was held in Beijing . The core task and work schedules of beef cattle industry was released during the meeting.

Feb.27- March 1, CNKC held 5th China Tibetan Mastiff Expo in ancient city Xi'an . More than 1000 Tibetan mastiffs were on the show. This show was largest compared with past shows.

March 16-18, National swine industry association held West China Pig industry forum, President Mr. Qiao made a speech named Current pig breeding situation in China .

March 17, Breiffini Kennedy from Irish food board visited CAAA. Vice-secretary General Ma Chuang received guest, they discussed current development of two countries' cattle industry and cooperation future, Breiffini asked our association to organize a group to visit Ireland .

March 19, director of Sino-French Beef Cattle Research and Development Center and manager of international cooperation department of French meat and livestock association visited CAAA. The main topic was to enhance cooperation between China and French beef cattle industry.

In 2008, China poultry industry was confronted with a lot of difficulties and operated under the condition of high cost and low margin. To conquer this precarious situation and realize the sustainable and healthy development of poultry industry, China national poultry industry association held 2009 Grandparents layers development seminar on March 31, 2009 in Hebei ,

March 21-22, CNKC held first CNSV local show in Jiangsu Yangzhou to take geographical advantage and develop industry resource. Four international judges and 1000 delegates from German shepherd industry attended this show. More than 500 dogs were on the show.

March 31, second president on duty of national poultry industry association made a speech of work report and nominate Chairman Wang Lianzeng of Hebei Huayu Poultry Company as vice president of national poultry industry association, delegates voted it through.

April 11-12, CNKC held CNSV local show in Shaanxi Xi'an. More than 1000 people from German Shepherd Industry attended this show with 400 dogs.

April 14, CNKC held CNSV local show in Wuhan people's Fitness Center . More than 500 people from German Shepherd Industry attended this show with 80 dogs.

April 14, Australia national bank Co. ltd. visited CAAA, they discussed the cooperation between China and Australia .

April 16, CNKC organized a meeting related to local club management and cooperation. Jinan Kennel Club, Shaanxi Kennel Club and Lanzhou kennel club attended the meeting. Secretary General Mr. Shen Guang made a presentation, local clubs put forward valuable advice for cooperation and management, including: cooperation project, chip injection training and urban stray dogs problem, DNA suit promotion, internet media resource share and so on.

April 18, China animal agriculture association and National layer industry technology system jointly held new brand promotion conference in Great hall of people in Beijing .

April 30 ?C May 14, National cattle industry association organized a group to visit Oceania, attend 2009 Australia beef cattle expo. and 2009 New Zealand Angus cattle expo. and visit some cattle companies in Australia and New Zealand . Three objectives for this group: first is to use and learn developed countries' successful experience and advanced technologies in breeding cattle; second is to show the achievements China cattle industry have made during recent years; third is to build a platform for domestic cattle companies to exchange ideas with foreign companies, import high-grade breed to China and promote sustainable development of China beef cattle industry.

May 13-16, CAAA held Global pig forum in Chengdu Sichuan . More than 600 people from 12 countries attended the forum. At the same time, national swine industry association held council conference.

May 8-10, China 's animal husbandry and fishing Economic society and Henan livestock bureau jointly held 3rd China modern cattle economy forum and 2nd Xia Nan Cattle competition. The main topic is how to promote the sustainable development of cattle industry, run business big and strong.

May 14-15, 2209 China layer industry development conference was held in WangJiang Hotel, Chengdu , Sichuan . More than 700 delegates from all over China attended this conference.

May 16-17, CNKC held CNSV 2009 spring show in Beijing Chaoyang Park for 2 days. Including German shepherd individual Static show and dynamic show. This show taught people to observe disciplines and obey laws in breeding dogs and enhance the communication between human beings and nature. More than 1500 people attended the show with 400 dogs.

On June 6, Sino-US beef cattle industry development and corporation seminar in Beijing . The main topic was about the two countries beef cattle industry development and beef product processing character and market demand.

In the early June, China Animal Agriculture Association was awarded as 5A association in totally top 13. On June 23, Ministry of Civil Affairs held victory ceremony in Great Hall of the People in Beijing .

On June 2, CNKC held 2009 German shepherd local dog show in Heilongjiang , Changchun province.

On June 6, the seventh China rabbit meat gourmet was held as schedule in national wide. CAAA held the seminar in Beijing . And Qingdao Kangda Food Company held Gourmet in Qingdao , Jilin , Hebei and Sichuan . Local rabbit industry associations held relative promotion activities nearly 30 venues.

May 17-19, 2009 China Animal husbandry and feed industry exposition was held in Chengdu by China Animal Agriculture Association and China feed industry association. More than 50,000 people from government authorities, companies, and Scientific and research institutes and so on attended the opening ceremony. This exposition attracted more than 60,000 visitors from home and abroad, which made a great success.

On June 16, China national cattle industry association hold national cattle entrepreneur summit in Beijing . The main topic is the current developing situation of China beef cattle industry and 2009 industry investigation target.

June 30, CAAA held China grass industry summit in Jiuhua resort and convention center, Beijing .

July 7, CAAA and EPC co-organized '2008 Sino-Europe poultry industry forum' in Beijing Liangmahe hotel. July 8, delegates visited Beijing Dafazhengda Company and Beijing Deqingyuan Company.

July 31, Vice-secretary general Liu Qiangde had a meeting with Vice-secretary General of China urban construction investment Committee He Yanni. The main topic was to promote the communication and culture of bullfight, discuss the possibility to organize bullfight show in China .

July 25-26, CNKC held 2009 German shepherd dog show in Harbin .

August 15, China national poultry industry association held Emergent GPS conference in Beijing . Member companies discussed the current situation

Of layer industry and raised some rationalization proposal. 

September 9, China rabbit industry association held 2nd council conference in Changchun , Jilin .

September 7, Gansu beef cattle industry delegation visited CAAA. The main topic was the current situation and future developing trend of Zhangye beef cattle industry.

September 17, CAAA held 2009 China white feather broiler development summit in Beijing .

September 19-20, China pig industry association held 2nd standing council conference in Nanning , Guangxi. More than 80 delegates attended this conference.

September 19-20, CNKC held 2009 German shepherd dog show in Xian Shaanxi.

September 30, the list of 2008 top 20 national waterfowl enterprises, 2008 waterfowl industry excellent groups, 2008 top 10 waterfowl entrepreneurs was released.

October 9, the fifth China dog show press conference was held in Beijing Sengen international hotel. Delegates from government, Tibetan mastiff industry, German shepherd industry and media.

October 10-12, CNKC held 2009 German shepherd dog show in Beijing .

October 13, China chief representative of MLA visited CAAA. They discussed the development of beef product quality traceability system in China and Australia , beef import and export trade, national policy, beef grading standard, high-class beef consumption market enlargement.

Nov. 9-11, the fourth China cattle industry development conference was held in Nangyang Henan .

October 19, China and British cattle breed quality and management conference was held in Beijing Jianguo Hotel, President Chen Youchun attended this conference. He introduced the distribution of China cattle breed and the development of China cattle industry.

October 23 ?? CNKC held 5th China dog show in Beijing, Jiuhua convention and resorting center. A lot of dog fanciers come to watch the show. This show contained six parts: national dog show; Pet Groomer contest; Agility Dog show; pet and pet suppliers; gratuitous treatment and 2009 Autumn Tibetan mastiff show.

October 24-25, the third expert committee conference of China national rabbit association was held in Taiyuan , Shanxi . There were more than 40 experts attended this conference.

CNKC held 2009 German Shepherd dog show was held in Chengdu , Sichuan .

Nov. 2, vice-secretary general of China national cattle industry association Mr. Meng Qingxiang and Mr. Zhao Jinwei was awarded French agriculture knight medal by

Ministry of food, agriculture and fisheries, French to praise their contribution to the communication between China and France .

October 19, vice-secret general Liu Qiangde received Beijing Dayuan energy consulting company. They discussed CDM project and related techniques in China cattle industry and come to an agreement on promoting this technology.



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