Issue No. 9 --- Glossary of Pig Farrowing


1.Number of pigs on hand存栏
2.Fattening pigs farm肉猪场
3.Commodity pigs farm 商品猪场
4.Commodity pigs marketed上市商品猪
5.Pig house猪舍
6.Boar house公猪舍
7.Insemination house配种舍
8.Gestation house妊娠舍
9.Farrowing house分娩舍
10.Nursery house仔猪保育舍
11.Growing/grower house生长猪舍
12.Finishing/fattening house肥猪舍
13.Breeding system繁育制种体系
14.Veterinary hygiene system兽医卫生制度
15.Gestation (days)妊娠期(日)
16.Lactation (days)哺乳期(日)
17.Nursery (days)保育期(日)
18.Wean to conceive (days)断奶至受胎(日)
19.Breeding period (days)繁殖周期(日)
20.No. of parities per year母猪年产胎次
21.Litter size母猪窝产仔数(头)
22.No. of live piglets per litter窝产活仔数(头)
23.Survival rate成活率(%)
24.No. of live piglets by each sow per year每头母猪年产活仔数
25.Annual pork production by each sow (live weight, kg)每头母猪年产肉量(活重kg)
26.Average daily weight increase (g)平均日增重(g)
27.Annual renewing rate of sows and boars (%)公母猪年更新率(%)
28.Estrous conception rate母猪情期受胎率(%)
29.Rate of boars to sows公母比例
30.Barn cleaning & sterilization interval (days)圈舍冲洗消毒时间(日)
31.Breeding interval (days)繁殖节律(日)
32.No. of times of insemination per week周配种次数
33.Time for sows in farrowing house before parturition (days)母猪临产前进产房时间(日)
34.Observation time for sows in original barn after insemination (days)母猪配种后原圈观察时间(日)

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