2008 Chinese animal husbandry and the feed industrial exposition grandly held in Xi'an


May 18~20, 2008, 2008 Chinese animal husbandry and the feed industrial show held by the Chinese Animal Agriculture Association, the Chinese feed Industrial association and the national center of animal husbandry jointly sponsored, in the Xi'an Qujiang international convention center.

It is reported that the organization committee summarized scientifically about the former exhibition, and organized carefully through the widespread mobilization, innovated unceasingly and consummated the service, has attracted domestic and foreign raising livestock, the feed and the related profession enterprise to participate positively, this exhibition scale was unmatched in grandeur, presents the below characteristic:

First, professional layout of exhibition region. The organization committee divide the exhibition region through the profession, both highlighted the specialization, and was advantageous to demonstrate livestock feed profession and the related industrial, overall strength and the enterprise image, was good for livestock, the feed and the related industry in the middle and downstream industry chain's enterprise and visitors seek for goal customer, carried out the crosswise contrast, seek the project cooperation.

Second, the display area is big, the specification is high. The total area amounts to more than 50,000 square meters, the location area surpasses 150 square meters enterprises reaches 70. From 21 countries and the area as well as the domestic livestock feed industry and related professions, thousand enterprise participated, the location number reaches 2398.

Third, the internationalization degree is high. The perfect service function and the characteristic necessary activity of the organization committee has attracted manufacturers from the US, Canada, Brazil, Sweden, Germany, France, Holland, Denmark ,more than 20 countries and Taiwan, Hong Kong, as well as related international agency representative participated the meeting.

Fourth, establishes the host Shanxi exhibition hall specially. Take the development in Shanxi livestock feed industry as a subject, more than 300 involved enterprises on livestock, feed, livestock product processing, veterinary medicine, farming and animal husbandry machinery and grass product, the location reaches more than 570.

Fifth, the affiliated activity is richly colorful. The organization committee conducted colorful activity ,such as industry cooperation exchanges, the economics and trade discussion, the achievement promotion, the product recommendation, the brand publicity, the information issue, the technical course, improved exhibition's grade of service and the influence.

Sixth, obtains the social support vigorously. The ministry of commercial will list the exhibition as one of key support exhibitions, the Ministry of Agriculture Animal husbandry Department, the Ministry of Agriculture Veterinarian Bureau will treat it seriously, various provinces, the autonomous region, the municipality raising make the coordination. The Shanxi ShiYang group provide special support, simultaneously 13 enterprises participate to joint the meeting positively.

Seventh, the report is thorough. More than 70 internet medias and 40 newspaper from home and abroad reported the exhibition from all angles, achieved wide industrial fame and acknowledgement.

Eighth, direct the way of the industry. The organization community invited authoritative officials, entrepreneurs and experts to give topic report, discuss the developing direction of the industry and give advice for the enterprises.

The exposition showed the 30 years achievements of China livestock feed industry and contribution to agriculture, rural economics. And make the expo. the window for market information releasing, the stage for high-tech recommendation, the bridge for enterprises and government. To remit the pressure of increasing food price, satisfy the demand of residents, promote the developing pace of modern animal husbandry, make positive contribution to agriculture and rural economics.

This year under the serious condition that the price of food, fuel, feed increased, raising cost increased, our government develop cow subsidy and sow subsidy and other favor policies. After the opening ceremony, the earthquake relief work solicits donations was held, altogether raised the disaster relief fund amount to 6,300,000. All the donation would be charged by the China Charity Federation and used for helping the disaster area.



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