The 1st China yellow feather broiler industry developing conference successfully held


After careful preparation and arrangement, the 1st China yellow broiler industry developing conference was held on March 26 , 2008 in beautiful flower city Guangdong . This conference was held by the national poultry industry association and undertaken by Guangdong Wenshi food company and Guangdong poultry industry association. Undersecretary of ministry of agriculture, president of CAAA, Zhang Baowen, national chief veterinarian Jia Youling, director of the national center of animal husbandry Gu Jicheng and more than 600 people attended the conference and witnessed the important moment of China yellow feather broiler developing history.


This conference was undertaken by Guangdong Wenshi food company, at the opening ceremony, chairman of Guangdong Wenshi food company Mr. Wen Pengcheng on behalf of all staff ,expressed warm welcome to distinguished leaders, honored guests, and introduced the national yellow feather broiler production situation to conference representatives, shared company's successful experience with everybody.

In the conference, Vice-minister Zhang Baowen gave a summary on our country's current situation of pig, cow, the layer industry, thoroughly analyzed prominent problems existed in the development, and then , he analyzed our country's yellow broiler industry developing situation emphatically, affirmed fully about the achievements and put forward the related proposal to the future development, wishing to realize the fast and steady development of entire industry through everybody's joint effort. Vice director of Guangdong Province agriculture department, Chief of animal agriculture veterinarian bureau Chen Fulin analyzed national as well as Guangdong Province yellow broiler industry developing situation, and put forward the corresponding proposal to future development. Ministry of Agriculture Department Head of Veterinarian Bureau Chen Guosheng presented the report, the topic was "Current Chinese fowl Epidemic situation, Prevention and control Countermeasure", emphasized on our country's current fowl epidemic disease morbidity situation and the characteristic, simultaneously proposed the countermeasure and the suggestion for fowl epidemic disease prevention and control.

This conference invited high popular, experienced experts , their research was in the leading position in this industry, Everybody discussed thoroughly about overall developing direction, heredity breeding, raising way, product processing and expense, epidemic disease against system and biological security. vice-President of Guangdong wenshi food company Wen Zhifeng gave the report, which topic was "Making Superiority Variety, Making Yellow broiler Industry Strong and Greatly" , President of Guangdong Province fowl industry association Xiao Zhiyuan presented the report ,which topic was " Present situation And problems of Guangdong Province Yellow feather broiler Industry Development " , Professor KangXiangtao from Henan Agricultural college presented the report, which topic is " Several Questions In High quality (Yellow Feather) broiler Breeding' , director of Guangxi fowl industry association Zhang Dachang presented the report ,which content was " Variety Resources of Guangxi Yellow broiler ,d evelop, use ,reviews and Countermeasure", Manager of Guangdong Province agriculture academy of science animal agriculture research institute Shu Dingming presented the report, which topic was " Thorough Discussion about Yellow broiler Raising Way ", vice-manager of Guangzhou Jiangfeng industry Limited company Jiang Weifeng presented the report, which topic is "Extent Industry Chain, improve Enterprise Anti-Risk Ability", Deputy Secretary-General of CAAA Ma Chuang presented the report ,which topic was "Take Overseas broiler Commercial Breeding Pattern for reference", vice-manager of Jinghai birds and beasts industry Limited company Chen Jianping presented the report, which topic was " take Market As Guidance, Develop Yellow broiler Industry", Professor Bi Yingzuo from South China agricultural college zoological science institute presented the report , which topic was "Poultry Health Cultivation And Food Security".

In the morning of 27th, nearly 300 people participated in this conference's went to Guangdong wenshi food company to visit and inspect. They visited the wenshi vehicle hillock broiler sales department, then arrived at the wenshi science and technology garden ,visiting the Guangdong Dahua Agriculture Biological preparations Company, listening to the successful experience's introduction of wenshi pattern, given by vice-President Wen Zhifen in the wenshi company headquarter, representatives received a lot of inspiration and gained a lot of experience.

In the interaction process, the enterprise representatives were interested in wenshi pattern, positively proposed questions to wenshi vice-President Wen Zhifen. President of Guangdong poultry industry association Xiao Zhiyuan, Vice-chairman of CAAA Qiao Yufeng, routine Assistant Deputy Secretary-General of national poultry industry association of CAAA Gong Guifen and so on also participated in the discussion had achieved good interactive effect.

This conference was the first time reunion of our country's yellow broiler industry elites. It had great importance in discussing the developing orientation of this industry, regulating enterprises' produce and operates, promoting rapid development of this industry and product consuming. This conference also built platform for communication and cooperation between enterprises, it was good for improving the industry influence, promoting healthy development, and let's work together to create a brighter future of yellow feather broiler industry.


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