Promote the healthy and sustainable development of China cattle industry (The 3rd national cattle industry developing conference)


July 26 to 28, 2008, CAAA held the 3rd national cattle industry developing conference in Muling Heilongjiang Province . Undersecretary of ministry of agriculture, president of CAAA, Zhang Baowen, director of Ministry of Agriculture animal husbandry department Wang Zhicai, director of the national center of animal husbandry Gu Jicheng and related leaders from many provinces. Experts, scholars, entrepreneurs from all over the country and the representatives from Australia , Germany , Canada , more than 500 people attended the conference.

The meeting was directed by the secretary of CAAA Shen Guang, undersecretary Zhang Baowen gave an important report, introduced the current condition of China cattle industry in detail, he also put forward developing project and suggestion, he wished that everyone could take the chance to discuss the developing strategy of cattle industry and concentrated on solving the cattle base problem, making industry standard and other hotspots.

To regulate the market, create fair competition environment, fulfill social responsibility, make harmonious industry, promote the sustainable development of cattle industry, enterprises attending the conference made and issued the Muling declaration of cattle industry development together.

The meeting lasted for 3 days, focused on cattle base building, top grade beef producing and brand building, breed topics, grass growing and other topics. It had subject report and interactive forum. The experts gave reports on strategy of China cattle industry development, grass growing is the modern agriculture way to release the food pressure, problems, reasons and measures of current cattle industry and so on.

During the conference, CAAA organized the representatives to visit some cattle farm, beef slaughter and processing company, held the many colorful activities to display China cattle culture. The aim of the conference was to find new ways for developing, break out industry limitation, regulate management, promote healthy, ecological breeding, upgrade the industry and comprehensively promote the development of cattle industry and speed the step to make China a strong cattle country.






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