Success of 2008 international seminar on the live pig industrial chain


    On May 17, co-sponsored by CAAA, China animal husbandry and veterinary institute and the international animal health association, undertaken by technology commission of China animal husbandry and veterinary institute, national swine industry association of CAAA, Beijing Boyar animal husbandry technology Co., Ltd., 2008 international seminar on the live pig industrial chain was held successfully in Xi 'an . Nearly 400 experts and industry elites from China , Europe, the United States , Australia meet together in the ancient capital, to discuss the fine direction of swine industry and sound development of business model.

    China swine industry took great changes during past 30 years, the output of pork ranks the first in the world market, and however, the current international environment has changed, a lot of pressures, such as material cost, epidemic disease, environmental protection, supply and demand and food security, so China swine industry should take a new evolution. This forum invited experts on live pig intensively raising from Europe, USA and Australia , they analyzed challenges in front of China swine industry and shared successful experience with delegates.



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