Cooperation memorandum between CAAA and CSEA signed in Xi'an


May 18th, 2008, on the occasion of Chinese animal agriculture and feed industrial exhibition in beautiful ancient capital Xi'an , national swine industry association of CAAA and CSEA signed cooperation memorandum. Vice president of CAAA Qiao Yufeng,vice general secretary of CAAA Ma Chuang, vice general secretary of national swine industry association of CAAA Jing Jizhong, president of CSEA Andrew Lavoie, general manager of Canada Donaldson international breeding stock company Gordon Waters attended the ceremony.

Vice president of CAAA Qiao Yufeng said, China was the largest pig raising country in the world, Canada was the most developed pig raising country in the North America, two countries ever had great cooperation in raising pig technology, it played positive part to China 's swine industry. Main part of CSEA was the boar raising companies, CSEA in order to promote cooperation between two countries, share the fruit of Canada boar breeding, with the assistant from Canadian embassies in China, communicated with CAAA many times, discussed how to corporate further, took part in the developing problems of China's swine industry. On the basis of wide communication, both sides agreed on long-term cooperation, in order to exchange information conveniently, communicate quickly, share the experience in heredity selective breeding, animal nutrition, biological security and management, promote the development of both countries' swine industry. As the first organization signed memorandum with CAAA, we believed our cooperation would create a win-win future.


President of CSEA Andrew Lavoie said it was honorable to sign memorandum with national swine industry association of CAAA, both sides had happy cooperating experience, Chinese swine industry was experiencing best luck in its history, but also the largest challenge. He hoped that CSEA would be the witness of Chinese swine industry's evolution.

Afterwards, both sides discussed the cooperation, vice general secretary of national swine industry association of CAAA Jing Jizhong signed memorandum with the president of CSEA Andrew Lavoie.

 On May 19 th , 2008, vice general secretary of CAAA Ma Chuang, vice general secretary of national swine industry association of CAAA Jing Jizhong visited the director of CSEA's international department Rosemary Smart in the hotel, and discussed the cooperation. Both sides agreed to develop widest communication in the scale regulated by the memorandum.

CSEA is made up of boar breeding enterprises, exporters and other relative enterprises; it has separate legal entity qualifications and is national non-profit organization. Its members are from individuals, enterprises, farms and Canada national breeding company.

The main products of Canada swine industry are all sorts of pure pig heredity material of agriculture basic industry. The aim of CSEA is promoting and selling Canada pig heredity material in the international market, we encourage all kinds of promotions, participate in exhibitions, government links, directions, technology consultations and trainings.





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