Promotion meeting of YuXiangYuan brand and beef exhibition in Beijing


On April 18, 2008, organized by the training council of State Physical Culture Administration, the national cattle industry association, YuXiangYuan holding group, YuXiangYuan brand promotion and beef exhibition was held in Beijing museum of State Physical Culture Administration .


The conference took "youth, nutrition, health," as the theme, displayed high-quality beef of YuXiangYuan to the public. YuXiangYuan beef , as the special food for the athletes in the training council of State Physical Culture Administration, , not only played a model role in the industry, but also made its own contribution to China 's sports cause. In the conference, the national cattle industry association and YuXiangYuan holding group signed a cooperation agreement, the association wil organize experts to facilitate YuXiangYuan to make a feasible beef cattle industry developing project, to promote the further development of YuXiangYuan and produce more healthy and fine beef foods.


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