CAAA Core Members Attend the U.S.-China High Level Agricultural Symposium


Des Moines , Iowa , U.S.   February 16??2012


Editor's Note: CAAA organize core members to attend the U.S.-China High Level Agricultural Symposium in Des Moines , Iowa , U.S. , on February 16, 2012.

CAAA Core Members Attend the U.S.-China High Level Agricultural Symposium

    Local time on February 16, 2012, China MOA and the USDA held the first U.S.-China Agricultural Symposium at Des Moines , Iowa , U.S. . The symposium was co-chaired by Han Changfu, Minister of China MOA and Tom Vilsack, Secretary of USDA. Minister Han Changfu, Secretary Tom Vilsack, U.S. Ambassador to China Gary Faye Locke, and Governor of Iowa Brandeis Amare, gave speeches of welcome respectively to the symposium. More than 150 officials, experts and scholars involved in agricultural sector from China and U.S. attended the symposium.

    Addressing the U.S.-China High Level Agricultural Symposium held in the capital of Iowa , Chinese Vice President Xi Jinping extended his warm congratulation on the successful convening of this high-level symposium and expressed his sincere welcome and cordial greetings to the distinguished guests coming from the agricultural sector. He pointed out that Food is the first necessity of the people and Agriculture stands for a fundamental industry on which human societies depend for survival. Thus, both countries should expand cooperation on International agriculture and food cooperation and ascent it to the strategic height, which is of great and far-reaching significance for the promotion of mutual benefit, win-win cooperation and common development. Agriculture is exactly one of the important areas to develop Sino-U.S. ties and deepen Sino-U.S. cooperation, Xi said. Cooperation and exchanges between China and the United States in agriculture have maintained good momentum in recent years, primarily because both nations are big agricultural countries and enjoy vast shared interests and ample room for cooperation in the area. It is also because China has fully implemented its World Trade Organization (WTO) commitment in the past decade, and reduced its tariffs on agricultural products to one quarter of the world's average, said Xi. Moreover, the two countries have attached great importance to agriculture, and have conducted smooth and effective dialogue and substantial cooperation under such mechanisms as the China-U.S. Strategic and Economic Dialogue, the China-U.S. Joint Commission on Commerce and Trade and the China-U.S. Joint Commission on Agriculture, he said.

    In his speech, Xi also stressed the importance China places on supporting farmers and rural development, as well as on food security. China has always attached great importance to food security to ensure sufficient food supplies for its 1.3 billion people, Xi said. At present, China has ample grain reserve, adequate market supply and establishes grain reserves and finished product of grain and oil reserves in local areas, which makes great contribution in stabilizing the domestic food prize and guaranteeing global food security. China's efforts in carrying out international agriculture exchange and cooperation and providing agricultural assistance to developing countries to the best of its abilities within the framework of South-South Cooperation, plays an active role in improving the level of agricultural production and food production capacity for developing countries, and achieving the UN Millennium Development Goals.

    Xi pointed out that, in the current situation, enhancing mutual-benefit cooperation in the agricultural area between China and U.S. to a new level will not only help to ensure a smooth domestic economic in both countries, but also realize a speedy recovery of the world economy. On further deepening China-U.S. agricultural cooperation, Xi called on both countries to enhance cooperation in science and technology, and make all efforts to improve the efficiency of agricultural production and push for sustainable development of agriculture. Besides, the two countries should step up economic and trade cooperation, create a fair and rational market environment and fully tap their potential for cooperation. Moreover, both sides should also strengthen coordination and communication on international hotspot issues regarding agriculture and join hands to safeguard global food security, Xi said. It is believed that, with an already sound foundation, agricultural exchanges and cooperation between U.S. and China is bound to be lifted to a new height upon the current level and usher in a broad and promising outlook for development.

    Minister of Agriculture Han Changfu and Vilsack signed an historic Plan of Strategic Cooperation that will guide the two countries' agricultural relationship for the next 5 years. Both sides have reached a consensus on deepening agricultural cooperation on eight priority areas and key projects such as Food Security, Food Safety, Sustainable Agriculture, Agricultural Technology, Agricultural Market and Trade. In the plan, both sides are required to stick to the basic principles of Sharing complementarities and achieving mutual benefits, Focusing on priority areas and taking gradual steps in implementation, Abiding by the Plan and Practical Implementation, and strengthen communication and coordination on major issues at bilateral, multilateral and global agricultural fora to promote agricultural trade, institutionalize and improve China-U.S. agricultural cooperation mechanisms, and make efforts to build an economic partnership of mutual benefits advocated by the top leaders of both countries.

    Also on Thursday, Secretary-general Shen Guang lead a team consisted of core member of CAAA - Wen Pengcheng, Chairman of Guangdong Wenshi Food Group Co., Ltd., Huang Bingliang, Executive Chairman of Shandong Liuhe Group Co., Ltd., Zhong Kaiming, Chairman of Beijing DQY Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd.. Addressing the Food Security Forum in the symposium, Mr. Shen, on behalf of CAAA, publicized and promoted Chinese Animal Husbandry Industry and CAAA, in a bid to gain more chances for cooperation in animal husbandry with U.S. counterparts.




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