The lecture made by Mr. Martin Luth (from DLG) in CAAA


On the morning of March 3, Mr. Martin Luth, the general manager of AgroTechService department form DLG and Ms. Zhang Li, the project manager of agriservice from DLG visited CAAA and Mr. Luth made a wonderful presentation on the organization of agricultural exhibitions and fairs.

His speech included 3 parts:

First part: some information about what DLG does and how it develops, the historical background and development of European agricultural fairs.

Second part: nine essentials of modern international agricultural exhibitions:

1.) Clear professional positioning

2.) Clear regional, national, international orientations

3.) Completeness of offers

4.) Completeness of demand

5.) Up-to-date conference programme

6.) Support to professional organizations, to science, to unions and associations

7.) Continuity

8.) Bi-annual cycle

9.) Optima organization and close to the market

Third part: seven steps of organization of modern agricultural exhibitions:

• Scenario

• Initiative group

• Definition of project, position in the market

• Planning of project activities, project structure, milestones, working packages

• Project execution, progress reports, meetings etc.

• Results, experience reports, summaries

• Final caesura, evaluation

After his presentation, the listeners form CAAA asked some related questions and Mr. Luth answered all those questions specifically. The lecture was a great success and the course was full of warm applause.



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