The 3rd China Clover Development Conference


Clover is recognized as high-quality forage nowadays. The first and second Clover Development Conference, held in 2001 and 2003 respectively, greatly promoted clover industry development. During recent six years, with requirement changes of high quality forage products and occurrences of food safety scandals both at home and abroad, the role of clover industry became more and more important. China 's forage industry is confronted with new challenges and opportunities, so the industrial restructuring, reviving and developing is again on the agenda.

In 2008, the melamine scandal caused the feed quality problem more outstanding; In 2009, the competition of forage market is more fierce; production, quality control, marketing, enterprises' management mechanism of high quality clover have been the common concern of forage industry and research institution.

With a long history in growing clover, we've got abundant successful experience in every sector in clover industry and good economic and social interest. However, the industrialization of clover is still at a staring stage; therefore, different problems existed in product quality, market, seed quality, machinery, disorder competition and people's acknowledgement, which severely obstruct clover industry development. In order to communicate with foreign counterparters, promote high quality breed and advanced technology, create mutual cooperation and benefit, develop good environment, enlarge overseas market, lead healthy, stable, sustainable development of clover industry, China Animal Agriculture Association and China Forage Society will hold the 3rd China Clover Development Conference and forage, machinery and product exhibition in Beijing on Aug. 26-28, 2009.


Aug. 26 Registration

Aug. 27-28 Opening Ceremony, Forum, Exhibition, News release, Brand promotion, communication, Visiting

Venue: Jiuhua Resort & Convention Center

Organizer: China Animal Agriculture Association

China Forage Society


Clover and modern, safe animal husbandry

Conference objective:

Technology communication in forage producing, processing and utilization; new breed, new products, new technology promotion; enhance cooperation between enterprises, government and scientists; promote healthy, stable, sustainable development of clover industry. 


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