The Third China White Broiler Industry Development Congress (2012)


    We are delighted to invite you to the 2012 Broiler Congress and will be pleased to serve as your host from 16 May to 17 May 2012 in Nanjing , Jiangsu Province. We look forward to an inspiring and highly productive congress.

I. Brief Introduction

    Since the reform and opening up, Broiler Industry in China sprang up with a substantial increase in production. But due to the traditional consumption concept and people's speculation and misunderstanding on the processing procedure of broiler, the consumption of broiler increased slowly, a starkly contrast to China 's rapid development. How to improve the consumption volume while developing the broiler industry becomes a great concern to the whole industry. In this regard, the 2012 Broiler Development Congress and Forum will be organized by the CAAA in collaboration with National Broiler Science and Technology Network, Poultry International and International Animal Husbandry.

Congress Theme:

    The Development and Consumption of Broiler
Congress Principles
  • Coordination and Win-win Benefit
  • Popularizing consumption of Broiler
  • Optimizing the Broiler
  • Creating our future together

This congress will focus on the development and consumption of Broiler, including:

    Already attracting many participants from United States , Brazil , Hong Kong SAR, Macao SAR and other countries, CAAA sincerely welcome more broiler breeders and others who show great concern in the broiler industry to join the congress both as participant or sponsoring partner.

II. Congress Agenda

Tuesday May 15
Wednesday Morning May 16
Welcoming Reception / High-level Forum
Wednesday Afternoon May 16
Special Report and Debate
Thursday Morning May 17
Special Report and Debate
Thursday Afternoon May 17
The Third Membership Congress
May 18 ?C May 20
The 10 th China Animal Husbandry Exhibition

The Conference Hall for the Second Broiler Congress (2010)

Date: May 16-17 th , 2012

Venue: Mingfa Pearl Spring Hotel (178-1, Pearl Street , Pukou District, Nanjing) 025-58611888

III. Application Procedure

    To register as a participant, please phone us and ask for the forms of application, then send or fax to China National Poultry Industry Association.

Deadline for application: April 20 th , 2012

Insert in the Congress:

     As a participant you will get the opportunity to set up arched door, lantern column, roll-up, color inkjet, hanging banners or insert a reasonable size leaflet folder in the congress periodicals, yellow book, congress bags and representative cards.

The Fee includes:

Remitting can be made through the following bank:

Account Name: China Animal Agriculture Association
Bank Name: Agriculture Bank of China Beijing Exhibition Center Branch.
Account NO: 11042101040008373

IV. Organizing Board

Address: Rm. 909, A Building, Times Fortune Center , No.6 Shuguang Xili Jia, Chaoyang District, Beijing , P.R.C
P. C.: 100028
Fax: 010-58678192
Tel: 86-10-58677825 86-10-58677700 ext.871/872/875/879/877
Contact Person: Wang Zhongqiang
Email: jqy@caaa.cn
Website: www.caaa.cn

Shen Guang, General-secretary of CAAA inaugurated the Second Broiler Congress on May 13th, 2010.

For continuous updates and detailed information on the 2012 Broiler Congress, Please contact www.caaa.cn

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