Speech by Secretary-general Shen Guang at the U.S.-China High Level Agricultural Symposium


Des Moines , Iowa , U.S.?? February 16??2012


Editor's Note: Local Time, February 16, 2012, Shen Guang, Secretary-general of China Animal Agriculture Association, attended the first U.S.-China High Level Agricultural Symposium at Des Moines, Iowa, U. S., co-chaired by MOA and USDA and delivered a speech in the symposium.


Fully Playing the Role of Industrial Association and Continually Promoting

and Improving Quality and Safety of Animal Products in China

Dear President, colleagues from Sino-US agricultural sector, ladies and gentlemen:

    Hello, everyone!

    I am very pleased to have the opportunity to participate in the "U.S.-China High Level Agricultural Symposium". First of all, I would like to extend, on behalf of the China Animal Agriculture Association, our sincere congratulation on the convening of this symposium and take this opportunity to thank MOA and USDA for availing us such good opportunities for a face-to-face communication with American counterparts. I would also like to express our heartfelt thanks, in particular, to the senior leadership from both sides for their guidance in terms of agricultural cooperation and laying a solid foundation for further exchange.

    China Animal Agriculture Association (CAAA) is an affiliation formed at the national level with membership from enterprises, public institutions and individuals involved in animal husbandry and related industries. It is an association with the highest agricultural revenue, largest scale, and widest scope and represents the interests of more than 200 million farmers and herdsmen in the animal husbandry sector. Branch associations under CAAA are 12 agencies including Swine Association, Poultry Association, Cattle Association, Sheep and Goat Association, Deer Association, Rabbit Association, Grass-Land Agriculture Association, National Kennel Club, Camel Association, Apiculture Association, Fur Animal Association and Special Cultivation Association. In improving the quality of animal and agriculture products and regulating members through various organizational activities, CAAA plays an important role in providing service, coordination, self-discipline, right protection and management. The following are the exemplary task of CAAA:

Firstly, to further popularize and disseminate related knowledge and improve member companies' awareness of animal products quality and safety.

    CAAA carries out "Promoting animal products safety and quality","Sending Science and Technology to Countryside" and "Advanced quality animal products promotion"activities to publicize and implement "Animal Husbandry Law of the People's Republic of China", "Animal Epidemic Prevention Law of the People's Republic of China", "The Animal Drug Administration Regulations of the People's Republic of China", which strengthen the awareness of "enterprises are the first responsible people of the animal product quality". Pollution-free Animal Products and Standardization of product technology have been used and promoted in production processes. At the same time, CAAA improves the awareness of consumption security of the common people through the animal products quality and security promotion by all kinds of media.

Secondly, to promote the construction of production system governing animal products quality and safety.

    The safety and quality of animal products need the whole processes supervision. The management of production system is the source and key link of it. According to the requirements of pollution-free animal products and standardization of product technology, CAAA organizes members to produce and build up production system of quality and safety of animal products and food traceability system, which lay foundation of China animal products quality and safety. CAAA encourages members to pass the quality management system such as "Pollution-free Agriculture Products Certification", "China Green Food Certificate", "ISO Quality System Certificate", "Good Agricultural Practice", which promotes the quality and security of member enterprises products in the long term.

    The quality and safety management regulations on feeding and producing have been specified, such as site selection, barn building, environment, technology and feed source control, drinking water quality, epidemic prevention, inputs and waste disposal, and products traceability specifications and regulations. Animal products enterprises have generally accepted and exemplarily implemented the related regulations and specifications in China .

Thirdly, to conduct industry self-discipline and advocate member companies to honor their social responsibilities.

    CAAA members have signed "CAAA Members Animal Products Quality and Safety Commitment", "China Animal Husbandry Industry Self-discipline Pact", "China Animal Husbandry Industry Professional Ethic" during the activities organized by CAAA, Which is open to the supervision of the general public. CAAA promotes corporate social responsibility and encourage members to fulfill CSR and national food safety standards during the production. Strict implementation of national food safety standards and use of drugs off-drug period, do not use illegal drugs prohibited by the state.

Fourthly, to popularize high-quality and safe animal products brand.

    Brand is the sign of advanced quality and safety animal products. Promotion of Brands is one of the important roles of CAAA, which enhance the awareness of member enterprises. With the promotion activities, considerable advanced quality and safety brands have grown up and been welcomed by numerous consumers. Guangdong Wens Foodstuffs Group, Shandong Liuhe Group Ltd., and Beijing DQY Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd which come to US together with us are just some representatives of the brand animal product enterprises in China .

Fifthly, to offer scientific guidance in animal products consumption.

    CAAA invites experts to teach the professional knowledge on feeding, processing links during the quality and safety animal products forum Consumer Day Activities. CAAA commissioned national inspection and quarantine agencies to choose random samples for testing chicken and other animal products and publicity test results, which scientifically guiding consumption of animal products.

    Finally, as the representative of the Chinese livestock industry, I would like to talk about Sino-US animal husbandry trade laconically. China is the world's largest livestock production country, but also the biggest livestock consumer country. On the contrary, United States livestock industry is famous for its highly advanced technology, and thus, a favor for China livestock importer. In 2011, China had imported 1113.8 thousand set of Grandparents White Broiler from U.S, a hundred percent of the total import, about 200 thousand set of Grandparents Layer from U.S, 79 percent of the total import, 3700 Breeding Pig from U.S, 32. 6 percent of the total import and 38.5 thousand set of Breeding Duck, thus becoming the biggest livestock importing country. Yet, our export of livestock to United States is next to nothing, a grossly unfair and one-sided trade pattern. In spite of this, there is enough space in the world for China and U.S husbandry industry to grow and work together. The relationship has tremendous potential, since we are able to harvest huge benefit from our cooperation in a wind range of areas. It is my hope that both sides could adhere to the principles of mutual benefit, pushing forward pragmatic cooperation and expanding fair trade so as to create a harmonious and win-win market environment. China Animal Agriculture Association stands ready to set up a bridge and pave the way for U.S breeders and enterprises involved in animal husbandry industry to ensure a sustainable and healthy progress of China-U.S Animal Husbandry industry.



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