Join us at Bio-Energy-Expo Nanjing: May 18-20, 2012


Bio-Energy-Expo comes to Nanjing

Bio-Energy-Expo is a must-attend social energy event, hosted thousands of attendees from 30 countries, with more than 200 experts on bio-energy. This will be our third year and we've planned China International Bio-Energy Forum and eye-opening keynotes. It is not just the exhibition content that Bio-Energy-Expo attendees boast about, 2012 attendees will also find a thriving tradeshow. This is an industry-wide event bringing the global community of energy researchers and business dealers together all under one roof.

Business focused content and actionable strategies

Based on the theme of Industrialized Biogas production and operated by a professional agency, the 2012 Bio-Energy-Expo focuses on investment increase in biogas industry. Specifically, priority are given, on one hand, to cogeneration technologies and biogas electricity transformed from straw, animal manure and household waste, and on the other hand, to promoting cutting-edge processing technology of biogas slurry and residue into a new way of gaining profit, for its merit ?C abstain from secondary pollution.

Business focused content

  • Treatment of livestock and poultry manure;
  • Power generation transformed from straw and other biogas fuels;
  • Household garbage;
  • Processing of biogas equipment, energy engineering, energy transmission, testing, gauge and control systems, biogas purification, waste treatment and applications, cogeneration, heating/ cooling technology, turnkey projects;

Actionable program

  • The 3rd China International Bio-Energy Forum

    Domestic and foreign authoritative institutions, experts and business representatives are invited to discuss hot topics of common concern. The attendees are entitled to get free access to the 2012 China International Bio-Energy Forum.

  • Hands-on training courses: Planning and design training on large and medium-sized biogas project

    Domestic and foreign industry experts are invited to conduct professional training on design and planning of such large and medium-sized biogas plants as are scheduled to set up or already in operation. Participants in the forum will include researchers and scholars from project offices at the provincial and municipal level, designing institutes and tertiary institutions.

  • On-the-spot investigation


Why sponsors keep coming back to be a part of Bio-Energy-Expo?

This is the place where bio-energy becomes new business. If your company provides a product or service buyers need, you cannot afford to miss the exhibiting opportunities at the Bio-Energy-Expo. Connect face-to-face with thousands potential customers and business dealers throughout the exhibition. The Expo is where voracious technology consumers, industry leaders and innovators come looking for resources. Don't wait. Reserve your space now, and be sure to ask about integrated sponsorship opportunities to launch your brand, business, or new service!

What is special of Bio-Energy-Expo?

i. High level of specialization

The Bio-Energy-Expo is regarded as a representative pageant with high level of specialization in the industrialization of biogas engineering industry. Presenting a panoramic view of bio-energy industry, the Expo provides a platform for upstream or downstream enterprises in the industrial chain and proprietors to exchange technical information, display projects and products and expand cooperation network. Held at the same time with the biggest China Animal Husbandry Expo, The China International Bio-Energy-Expo provides opportunities for a face-to-face exchange between biogas engineering entrepreneurs and breeders of large and medium-sized farms. Incomparable to other Expo, the organizers will also invite professional visitors from home and abroad, personnel from projects office at the provincial and municipal level, designing institute staff as well as investment institutions to come for a visit.

ii. Various activities

Since Industrialization of biogas in china is still in a start-up period, the organizer, by making use of its professional resources, especially a team of experts from Germany , organizes training on biogas engineering technology, forum and on-the-spot investigation of prototype project in order to set up a showcase for biogas products and projects. In association with GIZ and FECC, DLG held the 2nd Bio-Energy-Expo, which witnessed a three-day technical training on the theme of biogas purification and bio-methane. In addition, 200 participants visited Shandong Minhe Animal Husbandry Co., Ltd., the largest methane power generation project transformed from livestock and poultry manure.

iii. High level of internationalization

The last Bio-Energy-Expo attracted international exhibitors from Germany , Canada , the United States , accounting for a half proportion of the whole exhibitors. They share cutting-edge technologies and products and establish cooperation with the Chinese leading companies under one roof. At the same time, the organizer had organized professional delegations of the Agriculture Department from six countries in the South-East Asia and European delegation to visit and exchange experience in the Expo.








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