Maximize Your Exhibit Experience at the EQUIPMENT DAY


Maximize Your Exhibit Experience at the EQUIPMENT DAY

In conjunction with the tenth China Animal Husbandry Expo (CAHE) 2012, CAAA is organizing the second China ANIMAL HUSBANDRY EQUIPMENT DAY (hereinafter referred to as EQUIPMENT DAY) that provides products and services to the animal husbandry equipment industry. This EQUIPMENT DAY will help managers, breeders, and technicians to learn about the latest tools that are available to them. All those attending CAHE are welcome to attend. It will be held at the gallery between Hall A and Hall B, Nanjing International Exhibition Center.

Starting from scratch, the animal husbandry equipment extends from initial breeding by hand labor on subsistence-type farms to the use of highly specialized mechanisms to perform intricate operations on larger commercial farms. Animal husbandry equipment offers the advantages of being easily controlled and automated and sophisticated technology is used to increase the precision needed in modern agriculture, such as controlling feed mixture for animals and processing products.

To carry out the Twelfth Five-year plan stipulated by the central government, it's essential to make full use of this important strategic moment to accelerate the construction of a modern animal husbandry system and promote the mechanization of animal husbandry. To promote the standardization and industrialization of China's animal husbandry, to further enhance the animal husbandry mechanization, to give full play to the important role of animal husbandry machinery in producing and processing modern animal products, to infuse the new idea of Animal Husbandry Equipment, with intelligence, make high yield possible into every link of the modern animal production chain and to accelerate China's animal husbandry equipment to go global and keep pace with the international market, the second ANIMAL HUSBANDRY EQUIPMENT DAY will be held concurrently with the tenth China Animal Husbandry Expo (CAHE) 2012 at the Nanjing International Exhibition Center.


Animal Husbandry Equipment, with intelligence, make high yield possible.


May 18 ?C Sunday morning, May 20, 2012


Gallery between Hall A and Hall B, Nanjing International Exhibition Center

Activity Agenda:


Friday morning, May 18, 2012

Exceptional Animal Husbandry Equipment Enterprises Show

Friday afternoon, May 18, 2012

Raffle with Prize worth ten thousand Yuan

Saturday morning, May 19, 2012

Contract Signing Ceremony

Saturday afternoon, May 19, 2012

Assessment Award Ceremony of Animal Husbandry Equipment Industry in 2011

Sunday morning, May 20, 201 0

An Exclusive Interview with China Breed Network


What is special of 2012 EQUIPMENT DAY?

On the basis of a successful Equipment Day of last year, the second EQUIPMENT DAY boasts of its novel and rich content. By providing a platform for developing new business opportunities, having direct access to countless new contacts and expanding network of contacts, the second EQUIPMENT DAY tries to promote the animal equipment and new technologies from home and abroad, improve China's manufacturing capability in making equipments in large quantity in accordance with the international standard and maintain a sustainable and healthy development.

Compared with the previous EQUIPMENT DAY , the 2012 EQUIPMENT DAY will be greatly improved in activities arrangement and other areas, in order to create a first-class platform to exchange information and display products. Like no other event in the country, the 2012 EQUIPMENT DAY brings manufactures and business together. Specific exposition hours on the show floor, combined with compelling and interactive educational programs, networking opportunities and industry awards, are the reason attendees and exhibitors return to the Expo year after year. The event features tradeshow, entertainment, giveaways and awards throughout the day. Attendees will be eligible to enter a free raffle to win grand prizes and enter a simulated electrical environment to experience the strength of intelligent equipments. Besides, exceptional equipment enterprises are offered awards in order to leverage the equipment community and lead to collaborative initiatives, in view of its exemplary role in making a far-reaching impact on the followers.


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Gallery between Hall A and Hall B, Nanjing International Exhibition Center


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