Charting a new course for our Animal Nutrition and Safety: May 16-17


Charting a new course for our Animal Nutrition and Safety: May 16-17

Over the years, the feed industry made a great contribution to safeguard the healthy development of the husbandry industry and the quality and safety of the animal products. However, occasional scandals like drug abuse, clenbuterol-contaminated pork, and pig milk adulterated with melamine are just like dark clouds hovering above the industry and the whole society. The degradation of industry moral is directly impacting the quality of life of millions of communities and billions of women and men. Businesses, trade unions, scientists, political leaders, schools and universities, indigenous peoples, local government authorities, community groups, consumer associations, health workers and farming groups are all concerned about these grave issues. In conjunction with the ninth China Animal Husbandry Expo (CAHE) 2011, the First National Animal Nutrition & Security Forum organized by CAAA in Nanjing is well received. All presenters and participants in the forum are encouraged to become involved with the forum theme - "Complete honest begins with Self-discipline and Safety awareness ends in Enduring success".

Building on CAAA's successful history of bring together diverse stakeholders and providing scientific leadership in the first Animal Nutrition & Safety Forum, the second forum will bring these different sectors together to network, share knowledge and experience, develop creative solutions and partnerships and make practical and moral commitments to help take us forward on a truly sustainable path. To find a pragmatic, sustainable solution to the Animal Nutrition and Safety is the theme of the second forum, which will be held in Nanjing from May 16 to May 17.

What is special of the Second National Animal Nutrition and Safety Forum?

The forum in Nanjing will be a touchstone for the animal nutrition and safety movement and provides a unique opportunity to showcase how the husbandry industry underpins all economic, social and cultural development.The Animal Nutrition and Safety 2012 arrangements are announced below, please use the following event outline to plan your visit.



To find a pragmatic, sustainable solution to the Animal Nutrition and Safety


May 16 - Wednesday morning, May 17, 2012 (Register on May 15)


Nanjing , Jiangsu province

Organizing Board:

Organizer: CAAA


Animal Husbandry Feed TV Network

ESOYGO Network

Contact person:

Mr. Yuan: 13910032865

Mr. Li: 15601034919  18210177916

Fax: 010-62822188


I. Early Birds are given a discount and enjoy preferential payment:

  • Super Early Bird: 580 RMB (Expires Saturday, March 31, 2012)
  • Early Bird: 780 RMB (Expires Saturday, April 31, 2012)
  • Pre-registration or On-site registration: 980RMB

II. Fee includes: all conference sessions, meals, materials and gifts

III. In addition to the early bird discount by registering before April 31, 2012, participants will receive a gift worth of 100 yuan and be entitled to apply for silver membership of ESOYGO Network.


MAY 15, 2012
8:30-9:00 Opening Remarks and Welcome Message

Keynote Speech:
Animal nutrition and safety - to find a pragmatic, sustainable solution

Business Representatives Remarks
??Policy Interpretation and Technology Analysis

Policy Review:
Review the past and looking forward to the future of Feed Industry

9:45-9:55 Tea Break
9:55-10:40 How to build a bio-security system through feed technology

Chairman Seminar:
Exploring ways out of the maze of animal nutrition and safety

12:10-13:30 Lunch and Forum Break
Feed Technology Interpretation and Food Security Establishment
13:30-14:30 Safety and quality inspection of feed raw materials
14:30-15:15 Finding a solution to the effect of domestic breeding environment on animal nutrition
15:15-16:00 Prevention of change in aquatic feed formula and use of contraband
16:00-16:10 Tea Break

Expert Seminar: Maintenance of quality and safety system in technology and feed

18:00-21:00 Reception Banquet, Panel Discussion
Set Up Disease Prevention Mechanisms and Crack Down Drug Abuse
8:30-9:30 Formation and consolidation of Animal Disease Prevention Mechanisms
9:30-10:15 Disease treatment and drug safety
10:15-10:25 Tea Break
10:25-12:00 Closing Remarks:
Face-to-face Network with breeders to safeguard table security hand-in-hand


For continuous updates and detailed information on the 2012 National Animal Nutrition and Safety, Please contact www.caaa.cn

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