Bring you the biggest expo on famous brands of animal products


Bring you the biggest expo on famous brands of animal products

Brand Animal Products Expo 2012 is a trade fair showcasing multi-product of Animal in China . With exhibitors displaying diverse range of products from the entire length and breadth of the country, Brand Animal Products Expo 2012 will truly be a showcase of the strengths of the entire animal products industry and also promises to be a platform for immense opportunities for buyers to meet leading and famous animal products brand enterprises under one roof which will yield profitable results and links to a diversified market, hence leading to a steady and concrete business alliance between the buyers and sellers. It is also the platform that let more and more sales channels know the operating status of animal products brands at home and abroad. CAAA promises to hold a unique fair that brings together China 's best animal products all under one roof.

To fully implement the central government's overall deployment of Stabilize growth, expand domestic demand, promote consumption, curb inflation and improve social welfare, establish a public health security system and a sound animal products market based on honest business management, encourage companies to fulfill their social commitment, promote consumption security and brand construction, showcase the whole producing and processing process, guide a healthy and scientific consumption concept and promote communication between brand companies and buyers, the Second China Excellent Animal Products Brand Expo (2012) will be co-hosted by CAAA and the Marketing Committee of China Green Food Association at Nanjing International Exhibition Center from May 18 to 20, 2012, in conjunction with the tenth China Animal Husbandry Expo(CAHE). Notices about some related issues are as follows:

Some major products which are going to be displayed at the Brand Animal Products Expo 2012 will include:

•  Pork
•  Chicken
•  Ducks
•  Geese and Geese Byproducts
•  Beef
•  Mutton
•  Deer Products
•  Hens Eggs
•  Ducks Eggs
•  Geese Eggs
•  Milk
•  Goat Milk
•  Other Animal Products



•  Showcasing Corporate Images

•  Promote Excellent Brand

•  Safeguard Food Security


May 18th - 20th, 2012


Pavilion A1, Nanjing International Exhibition Center


Standard booth (36squms at least)

CNY 500/1sqm

What is special of 2012 Brand Animal Products Expo?

1. Special design show of enterprises with excellent animal products brands;

2. Live experience of safely processing of animal products;

3. Onsite cooking and food taste, sales of products, culture promotion and etc.;

4. Special Purchasing Day on May 18: Distributors like Macdonald, KFC, Pizza Hut and other chain stores and supermarkets like RT-Mart, Wal-Mart, and Lotus will be present to purchase commodities;

5. Animal Products Security Day on May 19: Onsite vote for the most popular animal products brand; Vote once for each type of products, and vote for the best organizing enterprise;


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