Vice Secretary-general Gong Guifen Meets with ZDG Delegation



On the afternoon of March 30, 2012, Vice Secretary-general Gong Guifen met with Zentralverband DER Deutschen Gefl??gelwirtschaft e.V (German Poultry Association) Delegation in the Hall of the CAAA.

Director of China National Poultry Industry Association Qiu Baoqin introduced the business scope and mission of CAAA, main activities of CNPIA, poultry breeding resources (local breeds and imported breeds) in China, poultry export and import trade according to the data of the State Statistic Bureau and then took questions of the Germany delegation.

The two sides exchanged views on Chinese breeding resources, poultry housing, space requirement, extensive farming or intensive farming, government support, difference between layer and broiler, feed intake, growth rate, body weight, egg production, slaughter waste, animal welfare and other international and regional issues of common concern.

Gong said that the bilateral friendly relations and cooperation between China and German have shown a fast-growing momentum in recent years. The two sides have engaged in productive cooperation in various fields. But the poultry import from German is still very low except for some vaccine, due to different standard in poultry breeding. In the poultry field, the two countries share wide common interests and strong complementarities. German can export their poultry giblets to China and China welcomes Germany poultry enterprises to invest in China. The bilateral cooperation embraces great potential. CAAA is willing to work together with ZDG to continuously uplift the level of bilateral friendly cooperation.

ZDG's visit will further strengthen business exchanges between the two associations, broaden the bilateral practical cooperation in the fields of poultry manufacturing and animal welfare, consolidate the bilateral ties and bring greater benefits to the two peoples.

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