Jing Jizhong Meets with Director Ina Enting from Dutch Meat & Feed Center



On April 19, 2012, Director of the China National Swine Industry Association Jing Jizhong met with Director Ina Enting and Chief Representative China Berry Wang of Dutch Meat & Feed Center in the hall of the CAAA. Both sides exchanged views on the domestic and international situation and bilateral relations. Director Ai of the International Cooperation Department and Director Qiu of the China National Poultry Industry Association also attended the meeting.

Ms. Ina gave a brief introduction of herself and DMFC, a business development portal for Dutch companies active or interested in the animal and feed production chain in China and South-East Asia.

Jing hailed the positive results of a training program once co-established by China and Netherlands, saying it had given him lasting impression. He hoped that both sides could sum up experience and make efforts to restart such a training program, which would greatly benefit the pig breeders and contribute to the development of the cooperative partnership between CNSIA and DMFC.

Inn Enting and Berry Wang appreciated CAAA's firm commitment to hold the tenth China Animal Husbandry Expo. They said they would like to avail this opportunity to invite Mr. Jing to take part in the Contracting Ceremony for the 100 th contract signed by one of their Orange Pig member ?C Nedap, during the Expo. (Initiated by a group of Dutch companies active in the Chinese pork chain, the Orange Pig is trying to seek cooperative chance in Chinese market. Members of the Orange Pig include De Heus, HIL economic development, ITB, MPS, Nedap, Nooyen pig flooring, Trouw Nutrition International, Topigs and Vion Food Group.)

Director Ai said the last trip with pig industry has seen excellent results, which proves once again DMFC is a correct partner. The DMFC side expressed a wish to work with CAAA to enhance dialogue and expand cooperation. Berry Wang also invited Mr. Jing to take part in the upcoming Eurotier, to be held in Hanover from 13 to 16 November. The two sides further clarified the positioning of arranging a new round of visit.

Inn said the two sides reached important consensus on establishing and developing the cooperative partnership based on mutual respect and mutual benefit. She expressed a wish to work with China National Poultry Industry Association, too.

Qiu stated that to build relationship between CNPIA and DMFC, we need to think creatively. Both of the two sides should encourage greater public participation in the China and Netherland Poultry cooperation, instead of confining to the well-promoted U.S., Brazil and Argentina poultry industry. The two sides can work together to safeguard food security and poultry prosperity through cooperation. In this regard, Ms. Qiu invited the DMFC side to take part in the second White Broiler Forum to be held in Nanjing from May 16-17, 2012.


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