Remarks by Vice Secretary-general Xu Guifang at the Source to Efficient and Secure Danish Pig Production Seminar



Remarks by Vice Secretary-general Xu Guifang
At the Source to Efficient and Secure Danish Pig Production Seminar

Nanjing, 17 May 2012

Respected Mrs. Marie Louise Flach De (L. F. D.) Neergaard, Minister Counselor for Food, Agriculture and Fisheries of Royal Danish Embassy ,

Distinguished guests,

Dear friends, Ladies and Gentlemen,

Good afternoon!

At this May time when Nanjing, capital of six dynasties, is offering us its fragrant spring scenery, the Source to Efficient & Secure Danish Pig Production Seminar is officially opened here. We shall be greatly honored by the gracious presence of Royal Danish Embassy officials, CEO of Dan Yu Trading Limited and a distinguished group of experts and scholars, entrepreneurs and friends from both Danish and Chinese pig industry. With the same undertaking and pursuit, friends of different colors, have an opportunity to learn classical pig knowledge from Denmark under the same roof. Here, I would like to extend, on behalf of the China Animal Agriculture Association (CAAA), my heartfelt congratulations on the successful holding of this great event. I would also like to convey my warm welcome and best wishes to the distinguished guests and friends from overseas and domestic.

This forum is a panoramic view of enhancing efficiency & security on pig industry in Denmark . It not only offers us a good opportunity to learn advanced experience from developed countries, but also establishes a platform for us to have a comprehensive understanding of their pig industry.

Based on the theme of Efficiency & Sacurity on Danish Pig Industry, the seminar will focus on topics such as pig industry chain in Denmark, project on breeding pigs, environment-friendly Danish pig farm design and environment control, and 30 piglets weaned per sow per year. All of the topics are of far-reaching significance for us to explore strategies and measures in developing modern pig industry in China and shoulder our historical and societal mission as the largest pig raising and pork consumption country.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

For several days in this week, the China Animal Agriculture Association will hold the tenth China Animal Husbandry Expo (CAHE) here. We shall demonstrate new technologies, new products, new processes in husbandry and related industry from home and abroad and share the successful experience in enterprise development. Guidance from Danish and other international friends are welcomed. As an annual tradeshow, the CAHE has undergone 10 years of development and becomes the largest industry event in China and even the Asia . The participation of representatives from 40 countries and regions is self-explanatory.

As the world 's largest pig raising and pork consumption country, China' s pork output in 2011 reached to 50.3 million tons, accounting for 63.56% of the total meat output. Even though China' s pig industrial pattern has taken lean pigs as its main non-staple food and basically met the market demand. Due to uneven regional development, the overall level of pig production and food security are still lagging behind the developed countries. Thus, it is necessary to learn advanced experience from Denmark and other developed countries, so as to enhance China' s pig raising skills and quality level as soon as possible.

Denmark is a country with comparative higher pig production skills and processing level. It enjoys a large share of international trade in pork. Home to the world famous Landrace (Rand Reese Pig), Denmark has gained a lot of experience in development model of swine industry, management of production environment, technological innovation and other aspects, which are all worth our learning .

Here, I would like to express my thanks again to the Danish experts for your generous offer. You bring us successful practice and valuable experience in raising pigs, making this forum a colorful one. A good start is merely a half done. It is my hope that the two sides could, in accordance with the reality and actual demand, conduct exchange at regular or irregular times, in order to improve the overall level and promote the healthy development of pig industry in both countries.

Finally, I sincerely wish the forum a complete success.

Thank you.


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