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With the acceleration of industrialization and urbanization in China on one hand, and restriction from the decreasing arable land and shortage of resources on the other hand, supply of grain can barely keep the balance. Thereupon, the task to safeguard grain security becomes a prominent issue. As one of the grain-saving husbandry industry, rabbit breeding is an efficient way to promote an effective supply of agricultural products, enrich citizen's nutrient intake and ease the contradiction brought by grain shortage. To earnestly implement the National Plan on Developing Grain-saving Husbandry Industry (2012 - 2020) issued by MOA, it is imperative to give full play to regional advantage, strengthen construction of rabbit farm and reproductive system of good breed and intensify R&D on rabbit and the processing. Strive to develop the rabbit industry and improve its international competitiveness by taking leading rabbit enterprises as model, radiator and power house has become an important issue waiting to be solved to reach the above-mentioned goals.

To explore the hot topics, difficult points and pivotal issues arise in the rabbit industry development, enhancing communication and cooperation between the breeders, China Animal Agriculture Association held the Second China Rabbit Development Conference at Ningbo, Zhejiang Province from May 24-25, with the aim of promoting rabbits group selecting and breeding, accelerating the reproductive cycle, share new technologies and managerial expertise on modern rabbit industry, improve the rabbit production and promote a healthy and sustainable development of the rabbit industry.


Accelerate the development of grain-saving husbandry, make the rabbit industry bigger and stronger.


May 24-25, 2012


Yonggang Hotel, Ningbo, Zhejiang



Related government officials, renowned scholars and entrepreneurship are invited to give comprehensive analysis of the status quos of rabbit industry and its development tendency in the future. By making scientific plan and proposing practical solutions for the future, problems can be easily solved.

Reports by Experts:

1. Report on the development of China Rabbit Industry;

2. International Rabbit Breeding Technology;

3. The Process of Industrialization of Rex Rabbit in Ningbo;

4. Analysis and Research on the Cost and Benefit of Rabbit Rearing;

5. Status quo and Development Tendency of Rabbit Meat in China;

6. Development of Hebei Rabbit;

7. Comprehensive Preventive Technology on the Quarantine of Disease on Rabbit Farm;

Enterprises Seminars:

1. Processing and International Trade of Rabbit Meat;

2. New Progress Made in the Production and Research of Rabbit Feed;

3. Processing and Marketing of Shandong Haida Rabbit Meat;

4. International Influence of the Processed Rex Rabbit;

5. Rabbit Economical Development Strength and Countermeasure in Mengyin County, Shandong Province;

6. The Status quo and Industrialization Tendency of Rex Rabbit;

7. Research on Rabbit Coop and Other Technologies;

Visit to Rabbit Enterprises:

To visit rabbit farm, Zhejiang pedigree Long Hair Rabbit , Rex Rabbit, manufacture of rabbit feed, management of manure and other residue, rabbit cartel and etc.


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