Jing Jizhong Meets with Minister Counsellor Marie Louise Flach de Neergaard of Royal Danish Embassy



On May 29, 2012, Mr. Jing Jizhong, Director of China National Swine Industry Association, met with Ms. Marie Louise Flach de Neergaard for Food, Agriculture & Fisheries of Royal Danish Embassy. They exchanged views on combination of pigsty and farm, disease control and the possibility to establish a training center in China.

Jing said China and Denmark have learnt from each other in the cause of national cooperation and the two peoples have forged a profound friendship. Jing said that he is heartened to see that with the joint efforts of both countries, The Source to Efficient and Secure Danish Pig Production Seminar is well complimented both by the exhibitors and the fairgoers.

Jing said the CAAA side is willing to take the Expo as an opportunity and work with the Royal Danish Embassy to push forward bilateral ties. What impressed him most during The Source to Efficient and Secure Danish Pig Production Seminar is the way Danish raise their pigs by integrating pigsty with farm. Using the pig manure as feed for the plants and vice versa makes the farm a totally cyclic whole, saving both energy and space. In this regard, Mr. Jing introduced the upcoming 2012 Global Pig Forum and the China Pig Development Congress and expressed his hope to invite more Danish experts to share their experience in breeding pigs.

Ms. Marie Louise, for her part, spoke highly of the Tenth China Animal Husbandry. Arriving in China last September, Ms. Marie Louise attached great importance to working with CAAA and appreciated CAAA's important role in promoting agricultural cooperation as a NGO.

Jing also voiced his hope to co-organize a swine training center in China with the Royal Danish Embassy, where Danish experts are invited to introduce Danish ways of pig breeding. Topics covered could be ways to control Blue Ear Disease, abstain of using vaccine for the food security, traceable system to the breeding pig, slurry system, combination of pigsty with farm, biomass energy and etc. CAAA, as an industry association, has extensive contacts with localities and hope to gain full support from the Royal Danish Embassy. The training center could provide much food for thought for the Chinese pig breeders to learn advanced experience and technologies from Denmark.

Echoing Jing's views, Ms. Marie Louise said the Royal Danish Embassy, as territorial representation, is willing to keep closer friendly exchanges with China Animal Agriculture Association on the existing basis.

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