Watch on the Tenth China Animal Husbandry Expo (3)



As in the Changjiang River the waves behind drive on those ahead, so each new generation excels the last one. Going through the severe test in the course of the ten years period, it is inevitable that the newer exhibition is always better than the former one.

Compared with the former nine events, this exhibition is superior to the former events in terms of content and scale.

In terms of exhibition area, this expo employs five large Halls, 3 Function Rooms and one Conference Center, with a total area of 70,000 square meters. There are 3178 booths, increased by 44.6% on the 2011 ninth expo held in Qingdao. The number of exhibitors and professional audiences attending this expo is more than 1240 and 100, 000 respectively.

As regards to the content setting, this expo is much more colorful. In 2011, the ONE WEEK, THREE EXHIBITIONS, SIX DAYS and FORTY FORUMS of the Ninth CAHE are well complimented by the exhibitors and professional audiences alike.

Based on the successful experienced of the 9 th CAHE, we upgrade the cooperative concept by calling on the fine resource of the industry to get together in Nanjing for the tenth CAHE. To meet the aim, we expand the content to ground on the new framework of ??One Week, Three Exhibitions, Ten Days and Sixty Forums".

ONE WEEK refers to China Animal Husbandry Week lasting from May 15 to May 21.

THREE EXHIBITIONS include China Animal Husbandry Expo and two show in show, i.e. the Third China Bio-energy Expo and the Second Brand Animal Products Expo.

TEN DAYS stands for TIANZOW China Pig Day , Chang-ho China Poultry Day, China Husbandry Day and LVMAN 1,000 Buyers Delegation Day, GAOSAI China Equipment Day , BSF China Feed Day, Nongbo Animal Health Day , Huairen Lamb Husbandry Products Security Day, National Animal Nutrition & Security Day, Innovative Husbandry Products Releasing Day, High-end Training of CAAA Membership and Husbandry MBA Alumni of People's University of China Fellowship Day, all of which provides a kaleidoscope of magnificent landscape.

SIXTY FORUMS designates the Second Congress of the Third Session of the CAAA Standing Council, the China Husbandry Industry Awards Banquet, the Third China White Broiler Industry Development Congress and the Second Global Poultry Industry Forum, the Third Membership Congress of China National Poultry Industry Association, the Third Membership Congress of China National Swine Industry Association, the Source to Efficient and Secure Danish Pig Production Seminar, the Third International Cooperation Conference on Biogas Industrialization in China, the First Southern Indigenous Chicken/Eggs Industry Development Congress, the Second National Animal & Nutrition Forum, the Second Application of New Feed Protein Technology Seminar and Feed Protein Congress, the First Sow Feed Production and technology Application Forum, the Third Husbandry Wise Congress, 2012 Forum for IPO and Private Equity Investment of China Animal Husbandry Enterprises, Keqian National Veterinary Drugs Dealership Forum, Technique Contest on Animal Husbandry Feed Machinery Operation, the Seventh Big Winner China Husbandry Industry Development Forum and the 8 th Anniversary of Agricultural Celebration of People's University of China, International Swine Breeding Development Strategic Forum and Meishen International Breeding and Genetics Research Center and other seminars, meetings, as well as 40 workshops, salons, training programs held by big enterprises, which helps to offer the participants a delicate and gluttonous feast.


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