Dutch Company focus on Environment Controller in China



June 1, 2012

It is the second time for Brodhan, a poultry equipment company from Netherland to attend the China Animal Husbandry EXPO (CAHE), which is considered to be a good way to set up relations with Chinese customers and expand China market. The rapid development of China's animal husbandry industry is bringing more and more foreign companies like Brodhan, who also speed up the changing of the industry in this country.

Focus: Environment controlling system

Actually we do everything, from the designing of birdhouse, to the construction, and equipment, etc. But in China we can not just repeat it said Phil Gobardhan, general manger of Brodhan.

The company now focuses on environment controlling system, which is new, but essential to the rapid-developing Chinese poultry producers. We found it hard to compete with other players in this market if we continue to offer all kinds of equipment and services, for the reason of price said Phil, however, for environment controlling system, we still see chances. The company noticed that as Chinese poultry producers became more and more scaled, they began to pay attention to the environment of the birdhouse, with the right use of our environmental controlling system you are always on time to keep the environment in the best conditions, this will result in better growth of the birds, said Phil.

Currently, the company has gained some potential customers in China , and hopefully some of them will be changed into actual customers.

Knowledge is the bigger thing

People should learn advanced concept and knowledge, not only buying equipment. The words Phil said is just the same with many other equipment providers.

As China 's animal husbandry industry moving towards scaled and integrated, there are still a lot of producers, especially those in a small scale, who need to be changed in mind. People should learn new concepts and knowledge, and also they should use the equipment in a right way, said Phil.

That's why we always try not to only sell our products, but also tell them the way of using it, to ensure the outcome. We've been trying to introduce our concepts to try to change the current production mode.

CAHE is better for us than VIV

What interesting is, when talking about the VIV show, Phil said he thought CAHE is better for the company.

What we want is to have face to face talk with local customers, and this is just what CAHE offers us. VIV is also a great show; however, it is more business to business, with less chance to meet local users. That's why we choose CAHE, said Phil.

To be closer to the China market and customer, Brodhan has set up its office in Beijing , trying to get further development in China .



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