Watch on the Tenth China Animal Husbandry Expo (4)



Since the first CAHE, we always stick to the principle of The time of registration, the time of service from the organizing committee. To us, exhibitors are the god in heaven, whom we worship and owe our gratitude. To repay them, we try our best to offer good services during the whole process from the exhibition registration to the exhibition leave. This Expo saw an extending and strengthening efforts in providing the exhibitors and their gods, i.e., professional audiences, considerate services in various ways.

Replace the opening ceremony with the exhibition ceremony, to balance the audience flow during the 2-day expo.

Since its foundation, CAHE are well-received and has always been popular in the industry, attracting many elites from husbandry and other related industry all over the country to get together to the dubbed National People's Carnival. Although there is no written prescription to make it a must-attend meeting, the CAHE has already become an annual event for the whole industry.

However, most of us have already gotten used to watching the solemn opening ceremony on the first day of the Expo, rendering buzzing stream of people pushing and shoving in the turbulent crowd. Some of them are too tired to set down for a good talk with the exhibitors. Exhausted after a day of cursory observation, one can hardly brace up for another day's exhibition, demeaning the effect of the Expo.

To avoid such situation, the 10 th CAHE Organizing Committee made bold decision and made innovative reform to omit the traditional way of holding the opening ceremony on the first day and arrange a grand Exhibition Ceremony to make it different. Lo! Endless flows of people are streaming in and out! The old packed hall is gone and never to return!

Present miscellaneous and colorful activities, to activate the atmosphere.

The average area of each single pavilion is about 10,000 square meters. A half way's walk from the entrance is enough to make the audiences exhausted, leaving those seldom trodden areas as bereft ends. To turn round such circumstances, the 10 th CAHE organize ten Theme Days at the bereft ends to attract audiences. Lo! Breeding Boars are sent as gifts at the Pig Day! Chicken Leg Eating Contest is on during the Poultry Day! Various Animal Health Products is vying to attract the audiences' attention! Log Toss and Knowledge Contest are attracting many pedestrians to linger before the Feed Day Hall! Buyers are bidding openly for the large machinery in the Equipment Day Hall! People tasting various delicious foods are enjoying the Animal Health Day! New brands are making its debut in the Innovative Products Releasing Day! Hundreds of presents are waiting for you in the National Animal Nutrition & Security Day! The MBA discs are sending out during the High-end CAAA Membership Training Program! A troupe of 1,000 husbandry buyers is mounting the stage in full regalia. Thereinafter, the old ??bereft ends?? become as popular as those booths at the entrance.


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