Deer Development and National Health


To integrate industry resources, seek effective ways to improve the scientific value of deer products, expand domestic and foreign deer products market, accelerate the fundamental R&D work, achieve safe deer production and improve its quality, and thereby improve the health status of the whole nation, CNDIA is organizing jointly with People's Government of Xifeng Country and the Deer Industry Bureau of Xifeng County, the 3rd CHINA DEER INDUSTRY DEVELOPMENT CONFERENCE & The 2nd CHINA COMPETITION FOR BEST DEER VELVET in Xifeng from 8 to 9, August, 2012.

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Deer Development & National Health.


August 8 ?C 9, 2012


Xifeng Deer City International Hotel, Liaoning

Activity Agenda:


Tuesday, Aug. 7, 2012


Wednesday, Aug. 8, 2012


Thursday, Aug. 9, 2012

Panel Discussion and Visits


What is special?

These meetings provide an opportunity to address the threats to deer enterprise and prosperity. To that end, we focus on four main activities:

1. Symposium on Deer Development

Taking Deer Science as its core, this conference tries to achieve the goal of improving national health.

(1) Industry Development:

• The status quo and future of deer development;

• Successful experience on establishing deer industry chain;

• Research & Inquiry on deer-related policies;

• Progress made in the firm-farmer partnership system;

• Experience of building up company honesty and credit mechanism;

• International cooperation and communication on China deer industry;

(2) Practical Technologies

• Comprehensive technologies on deer feed;

• Reproduction, Breeding, AI and Embryo Transplantation Technologies;

• Managerial expertise on deer production;

• Disease control and prevention technologies;

• Research on deer molecular ecology;

• Research on deer information technology;

• Research on the effective components of fresh antlers;

• Research on the effective components of deer by-products;

• Research on deer products quality control system;

• Intensive deer products processing technology;

(3) Deer Products and Marketing

• Analysis on the present and prospect of China antler marketing;

• Research on the market policy of deer products;

• Chinese deer products on the international market;

• R&D of new type of deer products;

• Research on the standard of deer products;

• Research on the effective application of deer products standard;

(4) Deer Products

• New ideas of raising deer for venison and for antler;

• Development of regional fine breeds;

• Protection and Utilization of local fine breeds;

(5) Health Care and Other Effects of Deer Products

• New achievements made in the research on the effect of deer products;

• Deer products and national health;

(6) Deer Culture

• The relationship between research on national & international deer culture and China deer industry;

• Research on the commercial deer culture;

2. The First China (Xifeng) Deer Cultural Festival

The development of each and every industry is indispensable to the driving force from the culture industry. The Third China Deer Development Conference, aiming at carrying forward Chinese deer civilization and focusing on Chinese deer industry development, is held simultaneously with the First China (Xifeng) Deer Cultural Festival and related celebration will be put on performance.


3. Seminars on the Development of Xifeng Deer Industry

Experts are invited to make a special argumentation on verifying the future and developing strategies of Xifeng Deer Industry.

4. The Second China Competition for Best Deer Velvet

Judges are invited to do a preliminary sensory assessment on the deer velvet based on the received document, photos taken during the antler growing season, videos, quality and quantity of antlers. Later, after carefully examining and comparing the dry antler samples on the scene, judges will give a mark according to the set criteria. Trophies and certificates would be given out for the champion, runner up and third place deer in each sawn group of Sika and Red Deer respectfully. Stands of competing antler products will be set up and winners are entitled to auction publicly.

Judges were scrupulously examining the velvet
in the First China Competition for Best Deer Velvet

5. The Second Session of the First Council Congress of China National Deer Industry Association

Review of work of China National Deer Industry Association will be reported together with the major tasks for the next year. Acceptance of new council members will be voted on the meeting too. _____________________________________________________________

Presenters can be:

The conference will gather representatives of the Liaoning government and administration, the entrepreneurs, experts and the investor community for two-day of intense discussion about the recent developments in the deer sector and related sectors, such as pharmacy, processing, trade, catering, investing, veterinary drug, biomedicine, feed, pasturage and equipment. _____________________________________________________________


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