Historical Opportunity and Grassland Industry Development


The year 2012 marks a momentous year in the development of China Animal Husbandry during the course of the Twelfth Five-Year Plan. “The Incentives Mechanism of Giving Subsidy to Grassland Ecology Protection” launched by the state last year and “The Rejuvenation Campaign of Dairy Alfalfa Industry” proposed in the Central Committee's No. 1 Document this year have brought new opportunity to China Grassland Industry. In order to explore a Development Model of “Planting Grass for Livestock Raising” under the new situation, figure out the efficiency of “The Incentives Mechanism of Giving Subsidy to Grassland Ecology Protection”, further promote the development of Alfalfa Industry and give full play to the role of grassland industry in solving the “Three Rural Issues”, namely, issues concerning the agriculture, countryside and farmers, and developing national economy, promote the sustainable development of grassland industry, the Second China Grassland Industry Development Conference will be held in Beijing from July 6-8, 2012.

Time: July 6-8, 2012

Venue: Beijing Xiedao Green Ecological Resort

Theme: Historical Opportunity and Grassland Industry Development


• Propel the Implementation of Grassland Industry Policies;

• Integrate Industry Resources;

• Optimize Internal Organization Framework;

• Establish Financing & Investing Platforms;

• Promote a Healthy and Sustainable Development of Grassland Industry;





July 7, 2012

Saturday Morning

1. Opening Ceremony (Planned Speaker)

a.Zhang Baowen President of China Animal Agriculture Association, Former Vice-minister of MOA

b. Ma Qizhi Member of the Standing Committee of the NPC and Director, Chairman of NPC Nationalities Committee

c.Gao Hongbin Vice-minister of MOA

d. Ren Jizhou Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering

2. Award Ceremony for excellent companies and entrepreneurs

3. Declaration of the founding of National Specialty Committee and Specialist Committee.

4. Invited Lectures:

a. Nan Zhibiao Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering

b. Li Weiwei Chief of the Grassland Division of Department of Animal Husbandry of MOA

c. Wang Feng Deputy Division Chief of Dairy Management Office of Department of Animal Husbandry of MOA

d. Lu Xinshi President of China Grassland Association

e. Zhang Yingjun Chief Scientist of National Forage Industrial Technology System

f. Chen Jianhua Deputy Director of Research Center of Rural Economics of MOA

Saturday Afternoon

1. Reports:

a. Status Quo and Opportunity for Grassland Development

b. Plan and Development Grassland Base

c. The Quality of Alfalfa, Foundation of an Enterprises

d. Status Quo and Prospect of Lawn Industry

e. Status Quo and Prospect of Grassland Machinery

f. Application of Vegetation Protection in Grassland

g. Misuse of Crude Feed in Dairy Industry

g. Perspective on the Financing & Investing Organ's Attitudes towards Grassland Indsutry

2. Seminars

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Sunday Morning


Parallel sessions

Group 1: Alfalfa and Grass Products Seminars

Topics: Breed Selecting, Grassland Planting, Water Resource Management, Harvest & Processing & Storage, Scientific Utilization, Transportation & Marketing

Group 2: Vegetation Protection, Machinery, Lawn, Green Belt Construction, Exploration of the Function of Grass

Topics: Protection and Marketing of Vegetation, Forage Processing Machinery, Lawn Machinery, Urban Lawn, , Exploration of Rose Industry and Vanilla Grass Industry

Sunday Afternoon

Interview with Out-standing Entrepreneurs and Scientists

Negotiation Conference on Trade, Financing & Investing, and Technology Cooperation


• Showcasing new historical opportunity for grassland industry development comprehensively

If we compare the frenzy of planting grass in the 80s and 90s of the last century to revolutions, the current situations can undoubtedly live up its reputation as the third revolution. We may say the first two revolutions are driven by the state policy, too object-oriented to be called an industry. The third one is propelled by the spontaneous force of market and clearly defined state policy.

• Improving the organization construction of China National Grass-land Agriculture Association

Since China Grassland Association founded just a few years ago, the organizing body is far from perfect. To better serve our membership and the industry, we set up 10 specialty committees.

• Selecting and awarding top-ten enterprises and entrepreneurs

• Focusing on hot topics concerning grass industry development

Official leaders, experts, scholars and entrepreneurs are invited to discuss topics on state policies, technology innovation, review of China grassland industry, grass seed, alfalfa, lawn, machinery, vegetation protection, dairy, financing & investing and etc.

• Providing a flexible platform for exchanges and communication

• Integrating Industry resources and introducing complementary industry chain


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