Watch on the Tenth China Animal Husbandry Expo (5)



Since the first CAHE, we always stick to the principle of The time of registration, the time of service from the organizing committee. To us, exhibitors are the god in heaven, whom we worship and owe our gratitude. To repay them, we try our best to offer good services during the whole process from the exhibition registration to the exhibition leave. This Expo saw an extending and strengthening efforts in providing the exhibitors and their gods, i.e., professional audiences, considerate services in various ways.

Introduce information technology, to make registration efficient and convenient

The Organizing Committee introduces a set of exhibition software (ie. Software for booth selecting, software for registration, software for information submission, software for contract generation, software for audience invitation, software for business dealing, and etc.), making the whole exhibition procedure easy and convenient. Meanwhile, exhibitors can help their own customers register online in advance and retrieve a bar code for their visit cards. With this bar code, the customers are entitled to VIP treatment - entering directly without standing in a queue to get the visit cards. For big batch of customers, exhibitors can submit Excel-formed customer information to the organizing committee. What they need to do is to hand out the cards to the customers after the organizing committee photocopy the visit cards in the exhibitor's place. In this way, the customers can directly go to the booth without bothering to queue to get a visit card. Through the above-mentioned method, the status and image of the exhibitors can be greatly enhanced in the customers' eyes.

Utilize SMS service and various other information conveying methods, to spread warmth

This Expo attracted 64 professional media. The jointly China Animal Agriculture Media Alliance cooperate with journalists from the Agriculture Meteorology of CCTV-7, promote the exhibition through the internet and the print media.

Meanwhile, to make people from agriculture occupation, especially breeders, dealers and brokers to know better of the expo, CAAA cooperates with 22 internal magazines & periodicals of large firms to share information and make advertisements for each other. These firms include Beijing Sanyuan Breeding Technology (SUNLON GROUP), Knowledge Innovation Technology (BEIJING DBN TECHNOLOGY GROUP CO., LTD), Friends of QYH (QYH BIOTECH COMPANY LIMITED), Liuhe Correspondence (SHANDONG LIUHE GROUP), Friends of TIANREN (QINGDAO TIANREN ENVIROMENT CO., LTD), Yukou Poultry men (HUADU GROUP - YUKOU POULTRY), XM Network (WENS GROUP), Twins Network (TWINS GROUP), Dejia Publication (DEJUXE LIVESTOCK TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD), MY World (MUYANG GROUP), Wellhope People (WELLHOPE AGRI-TECH CO., LTD), Challenge News (BEIJING CHALLENGE BIO-TECHNOLOGY LIMITED COMPANY), and Tongwei News ( TONGWEI GROUP). Millions of magazines and newspapers with the latest news are penetrating to every corner of the chicken farm, pig farm and received by the dealers, salesmen and technicians.

Before the exhibition, rounds of SMS and E-mail with the organizing committee's preparatory work are sent out to uphold the exhibitor's right to know every detail of the exhibition.

During the exhibition, snapshot exhibition information and warm prompt are send out to share with exhibitors and visitors every remarkable and memorable moment. In this way, well-guided visitors can easily and efficiently find the booth which is catering to their taste.


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