Watch on the Tenth China Animal Husbandry Expo (7)


The organizing committee's service is extensive and real, hardly to be summarized in a word. Strong security means, convenient dining area, leisurely coffee lounge, unlimited internet service, available help on hand, dotted consultancy desk are just a tip of the iceberg.


China Animal Agriculture Association is the home to the animal husbandry industry. As an open and comprehensive industry tradeshow, CAHE is a service platform founded, designed and joined by everybody.

In 2010, we proposed the concept of All for the show, the show for the whole industry to encourage medias and large companies to hold self-designed activities during the exhibition. In this way, the former offer-acceptor relation between the organizing committee and the exhibitors is reversed to provider-provider relation, through which extra and value-added services can be rendered to the audiences and other firms. In 2012, we change our concept into "Create a wealth and career oriented CAHE community". Its foundation must meet two basic prerequisites: firstly, every member of the community must be familiar with each other's resources and exchange resources on an equal footing; secondly, every member shall implement commercial mode internally while cooperative mode externally. Generally speaking, CAHE is ready to work with industry friends of the same pursuit with a more open attitude to make CAHE a shared undertaking of the whole industry, and create a prosperous future for the husbandry industry.

Looking ahead, the path of CAHE would become wider and wider. If we compare previous exhibition to a canteen, it is the organizing committee who serves as the cook unwittingly to make a heap of dishes to meet the exhibitors' appetite. In this case, the exhibitors have no choice but eat the food prepared by the cook. The future expo shall be made to liken a star hotel where exhibitors can order what they want to their preference. The organizing committee will continue to optimize and integrate the best resources of the industry, to form a core community with the aim of meeting the requirements of the exhibitors and audiences to the utmost extent. Any requirements and problems proposed by the exhibitors shall be addressed through the platform of the expo, including issues concerning customers-making, contract-signing, company image-building, publicity of new products and technologies, horizontal cooperation, customer-inviting, training program and business consulting. The memory of 2012 Expo will linger in our mind forever.

Bidding farewell to the Nanjing CAHE, we are yearning for another year's annual appointment - 2013 China Animal Husbandry Expo.


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