Zhao Hang met with Chief of Exporting Sector of Belgian Blue Group Ms Sandrine Guillaume



On June 20, 2012, Vice Director of China National Cattle Industry Association Zhao Hang met with Chief of Exporting Sector of Belgian Blue Group Ms Sandrine Guillaume in the Hall of CAAA. Both sides exchanged views on China-Belgian Beef Cattle cooperation.

As the world's ninth cattle carcass producer, Belgian is an important cooperation partners and share vast common interests with China, Zhao said. Against the backdrop of a late industry start, low industrialization, small scale of operation, cost control restricted by scarce resources and land, contradiction between people's requirement on high-end beef and the low meat production of the traditional breed, the promotion of cross-breed beef cattle in China and bilateral pragmatic cooperation between China and Belgian not only helps bolster steady agriculture cooperation in both sides, but also conduces to break the bottleneck curbing the development of China's beef industry, said Zhao.

As member of both Walloon Breeding Association (AWE) and BBG, Ms. Sandrine Guillaume has devoted herself to promoting the cattle export to China, and is willing to help research on the cross-breed of Belgian Blue and Chinese local cattle.

Zhao noted that, China welcomes best cattle breed to come to China, such as Japanese Angus, American Dexter and Belgian Blue. But not every breed suit to Chinese situation, since most of the western cattle are too big to have a safe calving. Limousin, with a small stature and high dressing percentage is a good subject for cross-breed, already evidenced by some Shandong, Beijing and Yanbian cattle farms. With the improvement of living standard, Chinese become particulate about the cuisine. Influenced by foreign beef cooking method, more and more people accept new ways of beef cooking. Beef in hot pot, beef steak and Teppanyakia become popular among young generation. For a pragmatic import of Belgian Blue, it is imperative to know better of the research result when Belgian Blue is cross-breed with local diary cow or yellow cattle.

In response, Ms. Sandrine said she would make the validity research a long-term program and hoped that two-way investment and business cooperation could be further boosted.

After Zhao briefed Ms Sandrine on the forthcoming China National Cattle Industry Development Conference in Beijing this September, Ms. Sandrine stressed her willingness to be a spokesman on the conference.

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