Martin Luth visited China Animal Agriculture Association



On 16, July, 2012, Martin luth, Head International Cooperation of DLG Exhibitions Department visited our association.

Welcoming Martin Luth to our association, Vice General-secretary Liu Qiangde briefed him on the 2012 CAHE, how the association worked and the industry conferences organized by each branch of the association. Ranking the fourth in terms of scale and industry influence, said Mr. Liu, CAHE's requirement for internationalization is greater than any time. Although we have enterprises from 32 countries to take part in this year's exhibition, it is far from enough in view of the ambitious enterprises' aspiration for Bring in and go out and China's upward husbandry growth and great potential. For the 2013 CAHE, we have set our goal of reaching 12% in terms of internationalization level, which means inviting 240 more foreign companies to take part in next year's expo on May 18 th, 2013. He said that DLG enjoyed rich resources in exhibition experience and husbandry-related education, which opened up scope for cooperation and exchanges.

Mr. Liu also expressed his strong wish to deepen cooperation specifically in three aspects, ie. cooperation between DLG and CAAA, cooperation between Eurotier and CAHE, and cooperation between Sino-Euro Pig Industry Forum in German and Global Pig Forum in China. Except the traditional cooperation in exchanging booths and co-organizing the Bio-energy Conference, it's our hope to further expand our cooperation in the other fields of husbandry area, and learn from DLG's operation experience and advanced Germany husbandry farming experience, Liu added. Mr. Liu also sketched a blueprint for the preparatory work and the activities before and during the 2013 Expo, such as distribution of E-journal, constant tracking of enterprises' requirement for Expo and making tentative suggestion before the Expo, and special activities to motivate interactive exchanges, example sharing of cases from successful entrepreneurs and foreign friends during the expo.

Echoing Mr. Liu's, Martin Luth said he was looking forward to carrying out more similar exchanges with CAAA and gave his support to deepen the cooperation between the two sides.

Commending highly the CAAA for its excellent facilities and services provided to the 2012 CAHE and the co-organized Biogas Conference for the past three years, Martin Luth said he was impressed by CAAA's high level of development. He recalled with pleasure DLG's way of organizing the energy enterprises, to sit together in a table to share experience with universities, investors, enterprises, media, and etc. to infiltrate energy-oriented concept. For organizing exhibition, Martin Luth also gave some useful suggestions on the publicity work in the international arena.

During the meeting, Vice-president of China National Swine Industry Association Jing Jizhong also exchanged his ideas on the forthcoming Global Pig Forum and organizing a delegation of Chinese enterprises to visit the Eurotier and related European husbandry industry.

Director Liu Wentao and Ms. Liu Dandan of the Exhibition Department also attended the meeting.


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