Vice General Secretary Gong Guifen Attends the Food Safety Forum in China



On 18 July, 2012, the Italy Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Economic Development held a forum on agricultural food safety: FOOD SAFETY FORUM IN CHINA in the Embassy of the Republic of Italy . This forum gained assistance from five Italian regions, ie. Lazio, Campania, Marche, Umbria, Lombardy and support from Italian Trade Commission.

During the forum, government officers and scholars from both China and Italy agricultural food safety area exchanged ideas on bilateral cooperation between China and Italy. The issues include international cooperation on putting in place production standard in relation to farm produce and sideline products, risk detection and assessment, attention mechanism and its management, Rapid Alert System for Food and Feed ( RASFF) in Europe, laws, regulations and rules on food safety and their enforcement, role and functin of different government organs, R&D on prevention of animal diseases and food poisoning, quality supervision, inspection and quarantine of importing and exported farm products, health supervision, GMO food, ideas on construction of animal farms, market control and border control, construction of correct consumption concept on food security, and enterprises' duty in upholding food security and etc.

Vice Secretary-general Gong Guifen, Director Ailin of International Cooperation Department, Vice Director Wang Zhongqiang of China National Poultry Industry Association and Vice Director Zhao Hang of China National Cattle Industry Association attended the forum. Our memeber company DQY also attended the meeting and made a speech.

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