Produce quality & secure beef, consume healthy & scientific beef


The Twelfth Five-year Plan ushers in a period of both strategic opportunity and crucial transformation for the Chinese husbandry industry development. With the state intensifying its efforts in strengthening agriculture and offering more subsidies to the peasants, the development environment of husbandry industry will be further optimized. As a grain-saving industry, cattle industry plays an active role in securing efficient supply of husbandry products, easing grain shortage pressure and enriching citizens' diet structure.

With the increasing support from the central government, Chinese cattle industry benefits greatly from the preferential policies issued by the government and makes remarkable progress. Gradual improvement of production mechanism, intensified propping strength from science and technology, driving force from the bellwether companies are all the factors leading Chinese annual beef output to the front in the world. However, with the upward development of national economy and the constant improvement of living standard, consumer's requirement on beef quality is escalating and demand for fine beef products exceeds supply in the market. According to statistics, beef import in 2011 rose by 67.4% to 23.7 thousand tons, showing a great potential in Chinese beef market. On the other hand, low degree of standardization and scale production of beef cattle, week breeding industry strength, inadequate capacity in producing and processing quality beef, unsound security control system on product quality, blocked connection between companies and terminal markets make up layers and layers of obstacles that hinder quality improvement and output increase. These problems are all the important topics that will be discussed on the forum in a bid to find a solution.

The Seventh (2012) China National Cattle Industry Development Conference

In recent years, Chinese beef cattle development model has transformed from Resources-explored Pattern to Market-oriented Pattern where requirement on beef has a direct impact on the future of the beef cattle industry. Well-coordinated beef production and product circulation is in the interest of the whole industry for the rapid increase of beef price, effective implementation of company brand strategies, and big increase of economic returns in beef products.

Opening Ceremony for the Sixth Folk Culture Festival during
the Seventh (2012) China National Cattle Industry Development Conference

To accelerate modern beef development in China, popularize beef diet culture, advance industrial chain gearing and cooperation, share and spread advanced experience of successful enterprises, promote communication, cooperation and development among companies, increase enterprises' awareness of self-discipline, create company or product brand, tap the potential of the foreign and domestic market, bridge government and companies communication, and further improve the overall industry value and the comprehensive competitive strength in the market, push forward a fast and sustainable growth of beef industry in China, the Seventh (2012) China National Cattle Industry Development Conference will be held from Sep. 22 ~26 in conjunction with a serious of publicity work on beef diet culture and the First China (Gaoqing) Black Cattle Festival. Entrepreneurs, experts, managing staff from cattle industry, farming, slaughtering, processing, trade, catering industry, investment, veterinary drugs, biological products, feed, forage, husbandry equipment and other related sectors are welcomed to join us.

Actress singing for the Sixth Folk Culture Festival

This conference will provide an opportunity for the beef cattle companies, catering industry and terminal market to communicate face-to-face in order to facilitate strategic cooperation between the production and the circulation field, discuss tangible plan to upgrade beef value in an all around way and formulate renewed scheme for Chinese beef market in the future. Meanwhile, Series Publicity Campaign on Beef Diet Culture and the First China (Gaoqing) Black Cattle Festival will be held simultaneously with the cattle conference to deeply explore the relation between beef cattle industry and beef cooking culture, and further improve the mass's awareness and acceptance of the cattle beef industry from a scientific perspective. Beijing, as the capital of China, serves as the scientific and cultural center, but also a transmitter who enjoy the advantage of passing down and carrying on the industry civilization. This is also the reason why China National Cattle Industry Association hold the Seventh (2012) China National Cattle Industry Development Conference in Beijing. On the conference, representatives from all over the country will show the participants scientific concept of producing and consuming quality and secure beef in and outside China. Through visit, communication and dialogue, participants can be enlightened to form new industry development ideas and proposal. Workers from cattle industry and other related professions are mostly welcomed to join us. Let us take hands together and forge ahead to create a brilliant future for the beef industry.

Theme: Produce quality & secure beef, consume healthy & scientific beef

Time: Sep. 22-26, 2012 (Sep. 21 st for registration)

Venue: 21st Century Hotel Beijing (Sep. 22-23)

Shandong Gaoqing Guest House (Sep. 25-26)

21st Century Hotel Beijing
Shandong Gaoqing Guest House


What's on?

I. Cattle Industry Development Forum

High-level Symposium:

Influential or experienced company representatives in cattle industry from home and abroad are invited to make keynote speech on the symposium. They will talk about the hot topics, difficult issues and focal points on current cattle industry (ie. Beef cattle, Cow, Baffalo and Yak), such as construction of quality and secure beef production system, technical R&D on upgrading beef value, proposal on implementing cattle products brand strategy, practical application of science and technology in cattle farming, measures in increasing efficiency and revenue of cattle industry, improvement of the degree of standardization and scale of cattle farming, model innovation in breeding moderate scale of cow, ways to promote standardization and scale farming in cattle industry, harmonious development between cattle production and environment protection, forage and cattle farming, prediction of beef market growth, protection and exploration of local breed, improved stock, financing issues concerning the cattle companies, food security and construction of traceability system, husbandry technologies and etc.

Interactive Forum:

All the prepared topics are based on the theme of the conference. 3 to 4 guests will be invited to serve as the speaker on each topic. Serving as a coordinator, the chairman will move the participants to interact and communicate with the invited speaker.

1. Industry Development

1) Analysis on the status quo of China Beef Cattle Industry and Prediction on its future development tendency

2) Ideas on the construction of quality and secure beef production system

3) Introduce experience from cow demo-farm of moderate scale

4) Model of gearing cow organization of scale and company of brand

5) Requirement on cow improvement and production model from different beef products

6) Rationalization and commercial utilization of local breed of cow stock

7) Relation between breed protection and business development

8) Status quo and ideas on developing local cattle breeds

9) Standard farming and production of beef cattle

10) Ways to develop cattle industry cooperative economy

11) Ideas on developing southern beef cattle industry

12) Strategic significance of building traceability system in quality beef products

13) Ways to increase the economic benefit by controlling the environment of the cattle farm and utilizing the cattle manure and slurry

14) Construction of prevention and treatment system of major epidemics

15) Production unit planning on beef cattle and cow

16) Ways to secure sustained supply of cattle source to the slaughtering companies

17) Thoughts on training Chinese professional people in cattle industry

18) Strategy on developing company brand

19) Registry administration of breeding cattle and information sharing

20) Status quo and trend of modern cattle breeding and genetic improvement

21) Registry of cattle breed and fine stock

22) Status quo and future of cow industry development

23) Experience on constructing honesty and credible mechanism in enterprises

24) Build Company brand

25) Cultivate bellwether companies

26) Application, popularization and publicity of science and technology in cattle farming

2. Practical technologies

1) Processing techniques in lifting beef price

2) Breeding and embryo transplant technologies

3) Practical technologies on cattle farming and management

4) Feeding techniques in breeding cow of moderate scale and the effect

5) Fattening techniques and model in meeting the requirement of the current beef market

6) Comprehensive utilization of feed resources for beef cattle

7) Environmental protection and pollution treatment in cattle companies (i.e. treatment of waste in cattle farm, development and application of new techniques and equipment, related government policies)

8) Techniques in preparing forage and feed and controlling daily diet and nutrition

3. Market for cattle industry

1) Status quo and prediction of Chinese beef market

2) Ways to rationally connect the production standards of quality beef with market requirement

3) Status quo and prediction of Chinese yak development

4) Chinese cattle industry in international trade

5) Analyze on problems arising from the trade of breeding cattle

4. Cattle breeds

1) New thought on the development of cattle breeds for both dairy and beef (Simmental)

2) New thought on the development of cattle breeds for high-end market (Wagy??, Angus, etc.)

3) New thought on the development of local fine breed (Luxi cattle, Qinchuan cattle, Nanyang cattle, Jinnan cattle, Yanbian cattle, etc.)

4) New thought on developing new breed (Charolais, Yanbian yellow cattle, Pinan cattle, BMY cattle, Chinese Simmental, etc.)

5) Protection and utilization of national local cattle breeds resources

5. Cattle industry and financing

1) Financing and expansion of cattle enterprises

2) Cattle industry and poverty-lifting

3) Combination of fund and beef cattle industry

6. Cattle products

1) Ways to produce standardized quality and secure beef in batch

2) Company and industry standard for carcass cuts

3) Marketing for various breeds of beef

4) Construction of beef quality and security traceability system

7. Cattle & beef Culture

1) Chinese cattle civilization

2) Beef delicacies and mankind health

3) Trend of developing beef catering industry

4) Beef in Chinese cuisines

5) Beef in Western cuisines

6) R&D on beef dishes

II. Joint Exhibition of Chinese Quality Beef Brand

International and domestic renowned beef enterprises will be present to introduce and promote their quality beef brand. At the same time, various beef products will be on display.

III. Series Publicity Campaign on Beef Diet Culture

On the basis of Chinese diet culture, the Seventh (2012) China National Cattle Industry Development Conference solemnly introduce new culinary activities called Beef on the tongue. Series publicity campaign, like beef cooking contest, beef dishes display & taste, provides cattle representatives from home and abroad a gluttonous opportunity to savor a sumptuous beef meal.

IV. Salon on One-stop Connection between Beef Production Company and Catering Industry, Supermarket

The organizing committee will invite beef production entrepreneurs and purchasers from catering industry and supermarket to attend the salon, in order to provide a one-stop connection between the two sides. The production enterprises can, in turn, produce products catering to the standard and with a rational pricing.

V. First China (Gaoqing) Black Cattle Festival

Besides holding meetings in the 21 st Century Hotel Beijing , the organizing committee is going to hold the First China (Gaoqing) Black Cattle Festival in conjunction with People's Government of Gaoqing County in Gaoqing county, Shandong province. The festival is held to promote advanced model of exploring local fine breed resources, display new achievement made in the brand-making of high-end beef cattle, and unveil the indissociable relationship between beef diet culture with beef cattle industry.





Sep. 21, 2012


Sep. 22, 2012

Opening ceremony for the Seventh (2012) China National Cattle Industry Development Conference;

High-end Symposium;

Interactive Forum on Lifting Domestic Beef Price & Salon on One-stop Connection between Beef Production and Marketing;

Joint Exhibition of Chinese Quality Beef Brand;

Beef Cooking Contest & Series Publicity Campaign on Beef Diet Culture;

Sep. 23, 2012

High-end Symposium and Interactive Forum

Sep. 24, 2012

Take bus to Gaoqing , Shandong province

Sep. 25~26, 2012

First China (Gaoqing) Black Cattle Festival

Who should attend?

Administrative personnel, managerial staff, technician from cattle and related veterinary drug, biological products, feed, equipment, supplier, appliances, catering, IT industry and other related sectors;

Teachers, researchers and managing staff in husbandry schools and institutions;

Application Procedure

To register as a participant, please fill out the following forms of confirmation, then fax to China National Cattle Industry Association.

To ensure a smooth contact, please write neatly when filling out the confirmation form.

Deadline for application and room order: Sep. 1st , 2012

The fee includes:

Meeting fee:

Membership: 1000RMB/Person

Non-membership: 1300RMB/Person

The cost covers board, conference materials, meeting room rental, tea break snack and etc. For those participants who need no room order, the organizing committee will provide lunch and supper.

Where to register:

21 st Century Hotel Beijing, 40 Liangmaqiao Road , Chaoyang District, Beijing

Enterprises to join us as sponsoring partner are welcomed:

The organizing committee provides individual-targeted advertisement service to the sponsoring enterprises, such as meeting hall decoration, websites, meeting journals and other vehicles. For sponsoring program, please fill out the following sponsoring confirmation form.

Remitting can be made through the following bank:

Account Name: China Animal Agriculture Association

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Organizing Committee:

Organizer: China Animal Agriculture Association

Sponsor: People's Government of Gaoqing County, Shandong Province


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