The 3rd (2012) China Yellow Broiler Development Conference


Through years of development, yellow broiler industry has already become one of the fast-growing industries in the husbandry sectors. According to the 2011 statistics from China National Poultry Industry Association on yellow broiler, China supplied about 1,382 thousand GP stock, 444.817 thousand PS, and slaughtered 4.33 billion heads with meat output reaching 4,000 thousand tons. In other words, the yellow broiler is on par with the white broiler in importance, both of whom almost bisecting the broiler industry. However, along with the upsurging development of the yellow broiler industry, disorderly competition, unbalanced breeder quality, blocked promotion, unstable market and other issues prop out, which constitutes hindrances to the industry development on a certain degree. At the same time, how to develop the industry in a scientific and sustainable way, how to sustain the profits for the producers, what industry policies have been taken by the government, where is the bottleneck that chokes the industry upgrading, how to build yellow broiler brand, how to carve out a niche for the yellow broiler in the other countries, and etc. are the issues hovering over the industry.

To have a timely exchange on character of yellow broiler development in the new situation, as well as focal points and hot spots in recent years, manifest industry achievement, explore industry development strategies, set up platform for products display and promotion, promote exchange and cooperation, further tap the potential of consumer market, and guide Chinese yellow broiler industry to develop in a healthy and sustainable way, the 3rd (2012) CHINA YELLOW BROILER DEVELOPMENT CONFERENCE was held in Xuancheng, Anhui from Sep. 9th-10th, 2012.

The Second China Yellow Broiler Development Conference

Following the 2nd China Yellow Broiler Development Conference in Nanning, Guangxi, the third Conference is a comprehensive celebration integrating high-end seminar, interactive exchange, information release, industry discussion, display of new technologies and products and visit to enterprise. It is surely of great importance to promote the rapid development of China yellow broiler industry.

Entrepreneurs, experts, managing staff from yellow broiler industry, farming, slaughtering, processing, trade, catering industry, investment, veterinary drugs, biological products, feed, forage, husbandry equipment and other related sectors are welcomed to join us both as participant or sponsoring partner. Let us take hands together and forge ahead to create a brilliant future for the beef industry.


Scientific Development, Honest Operation, Building Brand, Going Abroad

Meeting Principles:

Take honest as the foundation Take requirement as the motivation

Take health as the concept Take efficiency as the way

To secure scientific development To create industry brand

To face international market To promote industry upgrading

Time: Sep. 9th ~10th, 2012 (Registration on Sep. 8th)

Venue: Xuancheng Hotel (No. 88, South Zhangyuan Road , Xuancheng District, Anhui Province)

What's on?

Seminar and Debate

Government official leaders in charge of the industry, authoritative experts, and scholars, specialists and renowned entrepreneurs who are concerned about the yellow broiler development are invited to give presentation on national industry policies and industry development from various aspects and different perspectives. Meanwhile, to provide participants with more opportunities to exchange with successful entrepreneurs, debate is designed to meet this special purpose.

Scientific Development:

Analysis on the national yellow broiler industry development during the Twelfth Five-year Plan Period

Report on the national yellow broiler industry development and its trend analysis

Introduction on the Xuancheng yellow broiler industry development experience and its future development strategies

Coordinated development among yellow broiler industry, white broiler industry, and hybrid broiler

Exploration on the economic returns of broiler of high, medium and slow growth rate respectively and their future development strategies

Honest Operation:

Attach importance to food security and safeguard meat quality

Exploration on the deep processing industry of yellow broiler in China

Introduction of experience on building yellow broiler industry chain and ways to apply and develop the chain

Building Brand:

Improve comprehensive quality management system in the company and build fine quality breeding chicken brand

Experience and knowledge gained through innovation in marketing model to create brand products

Analysis on the creation of Chinese yellow broiler industry brand and suggestion on the development

Going Abroad:

Strategic analysis: how to break new ground in the international market for the Chinese yellow broiler products

Strengthen joint cooperation and efforts to promote the industry upgrading of Chinese yellow broiler


Scientific farming

Breeding equipment

Disease control and prevention

Brand releasing & Products display, tasting and sale

New achievement, new breed and new products of yellow broiler would be displayed during the meeting. At the same time, some participating companies would release their new brands of products with a serious of publicity activities, such as food tasting and sale.

Visit and Inspection

Participants will have an opportunity to visit the standardized poultry farm and slaughter house of Anhui Wuxing Breeding (group) Co., Ltd. and scientific and technological park for agriculture industrialization of Anhui Huawei Group (hatchery, feed plant, slaughter house and processing factory)




Sep. 8 th,2012


Sep. 9 th, 2012

Opening Ceremony


Brand Release

Products Display

Products Tasting and Sale

Sep. 10 th, 2012


Visit and Inspection

Products Display

Products Tasting and Sale

The fee includes:

Meeting fee: 1200RMB/Person

The cost covers board, meeting room rental, conference materials, presents, visits and etc. Participants register and wire meeting fee to the organizing committee before Aug. 8 th, 2012, are entitled to enjoy a discount of paying 1000RMB/Person. (Discount are given according to the date on the cash remittance)

Executive President, President, Vice-president of China Animal Agriculture Association and China National Poultry Industry Association are exempted from paying meeting fee. Participants from Council Membership companies, Membership companies, specialist committee and experts from National Broiler Industry Technology Systems enjoy preferential treatment for paying only 800RMB/Person.

Room fee: The organizing committee may help fix room for the participants, at the participants' own expense.

Business Standard Room: 300~320RMB/per day

Ordinary Standard Room: 230~260RMb/per day

Greeting Standard Room: 160RMN/per day

In case of capacity crowd, Participants are required to order room in advance through the organizing committee and check in before 21 o'clock, Sep. 8 th, 2012. If you can not arrive before 21 o'clock, please phone the Organizing Board, or your reservation would be cancelled.

Deadline for application: Aug. 31st, 2012

Remitting can be made through the following bank:

Account Name: China Animal Agriculture Association

Bank Name: Agriculture Bank of China Beijing Exhibition Center Branch

Account No.:11042101040008373
Conference Ad.??

As a participant you will get the opportunity to set up arched door, lantern column, roll-up, X stand color inkjet, hanging banners or insert a reasonable size leaflet folder in the conference catalogue, address book, material bags and representative cards.

Deadline for applying: July 31 st , 2012




X Stand

0.8 ?? 1.8 m


Conference Bag

600 bags


Arched door



Meal Ticket

600 tickets


Balloon Banner



Representative Card

600 cards


Lantern Column




3 ?? 3m


Color Inkjet

4 ?? 6m


Catalog Ad.??

Front Cover: 40,000RMB (For Host) Back Cover: 30,000RMB (For Host)

Front Cover Full Column: 30,000RMB Back Cover Full Column: 20,000RMB

Color Page: 5,000RMB Black and White Page: 3,000RMB

Inside Front Cover, Inside Back Cover, Home Page: 10,000RMB

Membership Companies are entitled to enjoy a 20% discount.

How to reach the meeting place:

Venue: Xuancheng Hotel

Address: No. 88, South Zhangyuan Road , Xuancheng District , Anhui Province

Tel: 86-563-3031388 Fax: 86-563-3031278

E-mail: webmaster@xchotel.cc

Picking-up Service is provided by the Organizing Committee.

Destination: Nanjing lukou airport (Lukou county, Jiangning District, Nanjing City , Jiangsu )

Participants may take the bus at: 11: 00, 13:00, 15:00, 17:00, 19:00, 21:00

Destination: Nanjing Train Station

Participants may take the bus at: 9:00, 11: 00, 13:00, 15:00, 17:00, 19:00, 21:00


China National Poultry Industry Association

Address: 909, A Building, Time Fortune Center, No. 6 Shuguang Xilijia, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China

P.C.: 10028

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Direct Dialing: 86-10-58677825 Fax: 86-10-58677809

Contact Person: Gao Haijun (86-15011362214), Wang Zhongqiang, Lv Shuyan, Liang Zhong, Yao Wenying, Qiu Baoqin (86-13910926473), Gong Guifen (86-13701209695)

E-mail: jqy@caaa.cn Website: http://jqy.caaa.cn

Anhui Wuxing Breeding (group) Co., Ltd.

Address: West Jinhe Road, Ningguo City, Anhui Province P.C.: 242300

Tel: 86-563-4456175 Fax: 86-563-4456175

Contact Person: Hu Zuyi 86-18656320768

E-mail: 583811099 @ qq.com Website?? www.wuxing.cn/

Anhui Huawei Group

Address: Tianhu Office, Xuancheng Economic Technical Development Area, Anhui Province

Tel: 86-563- 3792000 Fax: 86-766- 3791999

Contact Person: Liu Bin (86-13635630777) Website: www.ahhwjt.com/

Xucheng Poultry Association

Address: No. 2, Xuanjing Road, Xuancheng City, Anhui Province

Tel: 86-563-2826439 Fax: 86-563-2826439

Contact Person: Song Xiaoming 86-13805639761

E-mail: song_19632003 @ yahoo.com.cn

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Organizing Committee:

Organizer: China National Poultry Industry Association

National Broiler Industry Technology Systems

People's Government of Xuancheng City, Anhui Province

Host: Anhui Wuxing Breeding (group) Co., Ltd.

Anhui Huawei Group

Xuancheng Poultry Association, Anhui

Diamond Sponsor: Soliciting...

Gold Sponsor: Soliciting...

Co-organizer: Guangxi Yulin Yuangui Breeding Equipment Co., Ltd.

Dalian Sanyi Animal Medicine Co., Ltd.

Zhengxinyuan Group

Qingdao Xingyi Electronic Equipment Co., Ltd.

Beijing Centre Biology Co., Ltd.

Fushan Xinguang Livestock Husbandry Development Co., Ltd.



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