Innovation & Breakthrough to Build Modern Pig Industry


In a period full of opportunities and challenges, how to make constant innovation in development concept, development pattern, company management, technology and other pig related areas to break the bottleneck of resources, epidemic diseases, environment, human resources and other issues and achieve the goal of building developed pig industry, become urgent issues confronting each and every pig breeders, administrators and stakeholders. Some people have already, through various channels, expressed their own opinion on those issues and proposed countermeasures. To mix those wisdoms together and foster a smooth swine industry development in the new situation, managerial staffs, specialists, entrepreneurs from home and abroad are invited to share their ideas and opinions on the conference. Through interactive forums with the invited speakers, each participant's thoughts can be broadened, which lays a solid foundation for the sustainable and healthy development of swine industry in China.

The Ninth China Pig Industry Development Conference

The year 2012, the key stage in implementing the Five-year plan, brings both a strategic period and a transitional period to the development of husbandry industry. To promote the development of pig industry and secure market supply, The Tenth China Pig Industry Development Conference will be held in Huangshan, Anhui Province from Sep. 8th to 9th, 2012, in a bid to orient sustained innovation in development concept, development pattern, company management, technologies and other areas, further check the constraint from resources, epidemic disease, environment downgrade and shortage of competent people, improve in a large margin the level of standardized scale production of pigs, effectively ease large price fluctuation in live pigs and pork, ensure food security in pork-related products and meet the requirement of the increasing urbanized citizens.
Theme: Innovation & Breakthrough to Build Modern Pig Industry

Time: Sep. 8th ?C 9th, 2012 (Registration on Sep. 7th)

Venue: Huangshan Xiangming Hotel (No. 2, Yingbin Road , Tunxi District, Huangshan City , Anhui )

What's on?

1. Interpretation of governmental supportive policies on the production of live pigs

1) Government's supportive policy system on market development of pig farming during the Twelfth Five-Year Plan period;

2) The establishment and implementation of the strategic goal of breeding in standardized scale farm;

3) Policy guidance and implementation of pig genetic improvement and construction of fine breed reproduction system;

2. Exchange experience on the innovation of company development idea

1) Development path of pig industry in WENS Group during the course of the Twelfth Five-Year Plan WENS Model, leads to success;

2) Strategic choice of high-end cooperation on breeder pigs industry;

3) The operation of capital market A rapid rotating engine in pushing enterprise expansion;

Luo Xufang, President of WENS Group

3. Discuss new models of pig farm construction, manure and slurry treatment, as well as technological innovation

1) Main innovation and breakthrough in swine breeding technology in China during the course of the Twelfth Five-Year Plan;

2) Analysis on main technology in modern swine breeding;

3) Key points on designing modern and automatic pig pigsty and constructions;

4) Design ideas and construction of efficient ventilated pig farms;

5) Basic ways and methods in dealing with manure and slurry produced by scale swine breeding;

6) Quality feed for sucking piglets and phased delicate feeding technique;

Martin Jensen, CEO of Danbred

4. Discuss ways to make technological innovation on epidemic diseases control

1) Features of Blue Ear Disease in transmission and efficient disease control technology;

2) Spread of Porcine epidemic diarrhea and the disease control technology;

3) Implementation of technology in Foot-and-mouth Disease control.

5. Discover mode innovations in the management of scale pig farms

1) The efficient People-oriented management mode;

2) The efficient incentive in trusteeship system;

6. Monitor national pig production and price trends

All the subjects above consist of not only key-note speeches, but also interactive communication.




Sep. 7 th , 2012


The Second Session of the Third Standing Council Meeting (19:30 ?C 21:30)

Sep. 8th ?C 9 th , 2012

Opening Ceremony and High Level Forum


Who will attend?

Producers, technicians and managerial staffs from swine industry and other related enterprises, i.e. R&D, manufacture, marketing or other services companies related to veterinary drugs, biological products, equipment and etc;

Administrative personnel and technology promotion people;

Professors and researchers, colleague and university students, media professionals;

All members of National Swine Industry Association (NSIA)

Those who care about swine industry development;

Application Procedure

Cost: The fee covers board, meeting room rental, conference materials and etc.

Conference fee:

Membership: 1300RMB/person

Non-membership: 1500RMB/person

Those who register and pay the fee before August 15 th can get a 200RMB discount (Discount are given according to the date on the cash remittance);

For students, please register and pay the fee before August 15 th . The conference fee is 1000RMB/person (Student ID card needed for reference).

For president or vice-presidents who have already paid the membership fee, they are free of the conference fee but not the board fee.

For those who have paid the fee but cannot attend the conference due to some reasons, we will return 80% of the fee.

The organizing committee will arrange the accommodation; the board is on the participants' own expense.

Board fee:

Four Star Standard room: 258RMB/Day,

Five Star Standard room: 440RMB/Day

Deadline for Room Order: Aug. 15th, 2012

In case of capacity crowd, Participants are required to order room in advance through the organizing committee.

Remitting can be made through the following bank:

Account Name: China Animal Agriculture Association

Bank Name: Agriculture Bank of China Beijing Exhibition Center Branch

Account No. 11042101040008373

To ensure a smooth contact, please write neatly when filling out the confirmation form.

How to reach the meeting place and transportation

Huangshan Xiangming Hotel (Five-Star Hotel)

Address: No.2 Yingbin Street, Tunxi District, Huangshan, Anhui Province

Transportation: 3.8km away from the Huangshan Airpport

7km away from Huangshan Railway Station

We warmly welcome enterprises and public institutions to be sponsor and co-organizer of this conference.

The organizing committee will provide individual-targeted advertisement service to the sponsoring enterprises through the internet, the journal Ad and etc.

There are three cooperation models in this conference, i.e. Diamond sponsors, Plutonium sponsors and co-organizers.

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