Deepen Bilateral Communication and Cooperation, Promote China Husbandry Industry Development


Secretary-general of China Animal Agriculture Association Shen Guang

Respected Chairman, honorable Leaders, distinguished guests, dear friends??

Good afternoon!

It's a great pleasure to attend the Sino-U.S. Soy Industry Summit & the Celebration of the 30 th Anniversary of U.S. Soy Industry Servicing China's Agricultural Economy. First, I would like, on behalf of China Animal Agriculture Association, to extend our sincere congratulation on the convening of this celebration, and express our gratitude to your support to CAAA these years and your contribution to the development of China Husbandry Industry.

For the past 30 years, ASA International Marketing, as a relative early-founded foreign industry organization to start husbandry technique training service in China , has made great contribution to the development of China Husbandry Industry.

To promote and apply soy and soybean products to China husbandry, ASA technicians, foreign scientists, researchers held technical training program in collaboration with our association, assisted us in organizing investigation delegation abroad to carry out communication and cooperation, and offered farming and processing techniques and market information.

China Animal Agriculture Association is a joint organization for the Husbandry people. It represents the interests of the whole husbandry industry, which enjoys the highest output value, largest scale and widest scope in the China agriculture arena. Besides, it also represents the interests of the 200 million Chinese husbandry people. Under the association, we have 12 sub-branches, ie. pig branch, poultry branch, cattle branch, sheep & goat branch, deer branch, rabbit branch, grassland branch, kennel branch, camel branch, bee branch, fur branch and special cultivation branch. In actively fostering China husbandry development, China Animal Agriculture Association plays an important role as China Husbandry builder by offering service, coordinating, safeguarding rights, self-disciplining and managing.


In the spirit of reciprocal benefit, win-win cooperation, mutual development, we have established a sustained, friendly and closely bilateral relation with ASA through holding husbandry breeding techniques training program and promoted soybean and other husbandry products trade between China and U.S.

It is from the year of 1996 that China began to import soybean from abroad and China 's import amount from U.S. is upsurging year by year, with U.S soybean market ratio in China rising from less than 10% to 62.7% in 2011. It's reported that in this February, when Chinese Trade Delegation headed by Vice President Xi jinping visited U.S., they signed a purchasing contrast worth of 6.7 billion with the U.S. counterparts on buying 13.4 million tons of soybean, an amount accounting for a quarter of China's total soybean import.

At Present, China has stepped into a rolling historical period with industrialization, urbanization and agriculture modernization pushing together. It provides an unprecedented historical opportunity for building modernized husbandry industry, but also lays platform for deepening cooperation in various fields. Looking into the future, it's the hope of our association to strengthen practical cooperation with your Beijing Branch on husbandry breeding techniques, meet the needs of technique innovation in solving China food security, grain security and bio-techniques and other husbandry-related issues, promote a healthy and sustainable husbandry development and foster Sino-U.S. soybean and husbandry trade.

In the end, we sincerely wish our sincere and practical cooperation yield fruitful results??May the celebration a complete success!

Thank you!

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