Iranian Delegation to visit CAAA



On August 14, 2012, Vice Secretary-general Gong Guifen and Liu Qiangde met with the Iranian delegation headed by H.E. Mr. Nikbakht, Deputy Minister for Department of Planning and Economic Affairs of Jihad-e Agriculture. Membership enterprises representatives Manager Liu Fang from Beijing Huadu Broiler Co., General Manager Wang Wenquan and Industrial Manager Zhanghong from Beijing CEVA Huadu Biological Co. Ltd., Regional Manager Zhang Jian from Qingdao Xingyi Electronic Equipment Co., Ltd. and MD Qi Chunqing from Beijing Yanbei Huamu Science & Technology Co., Ltd. also took part in the meeting. The two sides exchanged views on poultry, cattle and camel farming industry, agriculture equipment and other issues of common concern.

Mr. Liu briefed on the role of CAAA and Chinese Cattle industry, and then Miss Gong gave a brief introduction of Chinese poultry trade. In view of the status quo of the husbandry industry in both countries, there is no doubt that the two countries have much to do in cooperation with each other.

Liu Fang,
Manager of Beijing
Huadu Broiler Co.

Zhang Jian,
Regional Manager
of Qingdao Xingyi
Electronic Equipment
Co., Ltd.

Wang Wenquan,
General Manager of
Beijing CEVA Huadu
Biological Co. Ltd.
Qi Chunqing,
MD Beijing Yanbei Huamu
Science & Technology
Co., Ltd.

Echoing the membership company representatives' introduction of poultry slaughter house, poultry cage, hatching machine, vaccine respectively, the Iranian side proposed the idea of visiting Beijing Huadu Broiler Co. and a cattle enterprise, in a bid to seek further cooperation.

Chicken meat constitutes important part of the diet in Iran and therefore this sector had greatly progressed over the years. With domestic GGP and high feed conversion ratio, the entire supply chain process can take place domestically. Still, shortages occur and chicken meat and red meat is largely imported from other countries. Worse still, Iran has been under sanctions with the West pressing harder by declaring more sanctions against Iran 's petrochemical and financial sectors. In the meeting, Iran also expressed their wishes to import feed and single-hump camel.

China and Iran sympathized with and supported each other. In this regard, CAAA is ready to make concerted efforts with Iran to promote the development of friendly partnership between the two countries.

Ai lin, Director of International Cooperation Department chaired the meeting. Xie Guozhong, Administrator of China Rabbit Association and Su Aiguo, Administrator of China Grassland Association also took part in the meeting.

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