Vice Secretary-general Gong Guifen Meets with Stanley Kaye



On the morning of August 17, 2012, Vice Secretary-general Gong Guifen met with Israeli SKC (Stanley Kaye Consulting) CEO and Poultry Consultant Stanley Kaye at the Hall of CAAA. Wang Qisheng, staff of the international department organization served as the interpreter. Both sides exchanged views on the possibility of cooperation in the future.

After introducing the branches and departments, function of CAAA, Ms. Gong went on to introduce the annual CAHE and White Broiler, Yellow Broiler, Layer and Waterfowl Development Conference held by the China Poultry Association. Beside, Ms. Gong also gave a profile of the Chinese Poultry Industry production and trade circumstances.

In response, Mr. Stanley begins his remark by introducing his company. SKC is a company mainly involved in ventilation, heating, cooling and water supplying facilities for poultry cages. Except for equipment production, SKC also provides technique training for companies and breeders. In strengthening cooperation with China , SKC has also planed to establish a demo chicken farm with Fujian Academy of Agricultural Sciences this October. The program will be completed in next April. Mr. Stanley added he welcomes Chinese poultry industry representatives to visit Israel , where he could serve as the guider and help to arrange the visit. Echoing Mr. Stanley's gracious invitation, Ms. Gong also expressed his desire to invite corresponding Israeli poultry delegation to visit China . Both sides could learn from each other and improve techniques together.

At last, Ms. Gong invited Mr. Stanley to attend the 11 th (2013) China Animal Husbandry Expo and 2013 China White Broiler Development Conference and give a speech on the meeting on May 18 th - 20 th , 2013, Wuhan . Mr. Stanley expressed his willingness to take part in the Expo, and hoped to strengthen cooperation and communication in the future.


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