The First Sino-U.S. Swine Industry Summit


Since the reform and opening up, China pig industry has made a leapfrog development, which contributes greatly to the improvement of people's living standard and health. To safeguard food security, grain security, and implement the strategy of sustainable development, it is highly imperative to pay great attention to the development of pigs. As the world's largest pig farming and consuming country. China 's swine industry upgrade and development will not only influence the meat production and consumption structure in the domestic market, but also the meat production and trade all over the world.

The Chinese economy is facing a critical period calling for transition. In face of such a transitional period, China live pig industry is bound to march forward with a much more industrialized development and larger scale. Meanwhile, issues such as manure and slurry treatment and usage, effective disease prevention and control, improvement animal-sourced food security are challenging the industry. American is a relatively developed country in pig industry, whose experience we may learn and use. To promote Sino-U.S. cooperation and communication, boost China pig industry development, China Animal Agriculture Association, in collaboration with U.S. Meat Export Federation, will hold the first Sino-U.S. Swine Industry Summit at China World Hotel Beijing on September 22 nd , 2012. The Summit will focus on the issues concerning the Chinese pig industry development and invite government officials, researchers, and people engaged in pig and related industry from both home and abroad to attend the meeting.

Time: Sep. 22 nd , 2012

Venue: China World Hotel Beijing

Organizer: China Animal Agriculture Association, U.S. Meat Export Federation

Co-organizer: U.S. Grains Council

What's on?

•  Chinese Pig Industry transform and supply-demand variation;

•  Environment protection and sustainable development; manure and waste management;

•  Feed addictive, disease control and food security

•  Grain security and international trade

Who will attend?

Entrepreneurs, Company supervisors, officials, friends from the grain, husbandry, food and related industry, and researchers concerned about the industry are mostly welcomed to join us.


There is no need to pay the fee except for the participants' accommodation and travel fare. The buffet lunch and dinner during the summit are on the Organizer's expense.

Ways to join us:

Those who are willing to be part of us, please fill in the following Confirmation Form. The organizer will then send you an invitation card.


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