Celebration of the Seventh China Cattle Industry Development Conference (1)



On Sep. 22-23, the seventh China Cattle Industry Development Conference was solemnly opened in Beijing. Zhang Baowen, the late Deputy Minister of MOA and President of CAAA, Wang Zongli, Deputy Department Chief of Department of Animal Husbandry, MOA, He Xintian, CPC Secretary of National Animal Husbandry Service, Xie Shuanghong, Section Chief of Animal Husbandry Section, Department of Animal Husbandry, MOA, Xu Shangzhong, President of China Cattle Industry Association, Chen Youchun, Researcher of Institute of Animal Sciences, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Zhang Yinghan, Professor of Northwest A&F University and other leaders and experts attended the meeting. Besides, the conference has attracted 600-odd specialists, scholars, entrepreneurs, personages, entrepreneurs, leaders from related government authorities and industry association, representatives from Australia , Ireland , Belgium , Canada , Argentina and France . Liu Qiangde, Vice secretary-general of CAAA served as the conference chairman and President Zhang Baowen delivered the opening speech. President Zhang pointed out that the Chinese cattle industry is facing a period of both strategic challenge and critical transformation. In view of the improving cattle industry capability, President Zhang also expressed his hope that the industry should grasp the opportunity to explore developing strategy for Chinese cattle industry and make efforts to tackle hot issues such as development and utilization of fine cattle breed, beef quality and security monitor and control, commercialized beef supply, construction of independent cattle brand, gearing between production and marketing, enactment of industry standard, international trade and etc in a bid to increase the economic and social benefits in an all round way, foster Chinese cattle civilization and promote a healthy and sustainable cattle industry development.

Wang Zongli, Deputy Department Chief of Department of Animal Husbandry, MOA, made an important speech on the conference, too. He said, with the attention from the government on cattle farming industry gathering momentum, fiscal investment from the central government is increasing year by year. First, the central government accelerates the pace for upgrading the beef cattle and cow breed, and increases the subsidy level to the cattle fine breed. Second, demo programs of building standardized and scaled livestock and poultry farm are launched to guide the industry. Third, the state intensifies efforts in assisting the ??shopping basket?? program. Fourth, political insurance on cow has been established and has reaped fruitful results up till now. Currently, Chinese husbandry and cattle farming industry is facing such a rare developing opportunity and new challenge that deepening cattle development in an all round way is an important yet pressing task. By taking advantage of this conference, friends from cattle industry shall adapt to the new situation, take on the sustainable development of the industry on one's own responsibility, make sustained efforts to promote and support Chinese cattle industry development, deepen research and propose suggestion in an combined efforts to foster a sound and quick development of Chinese cattle industry, keep up the husbandry industry moderation momentum, and contribute to farmer revenue increase.

Focusing on Chinese beef commercialization issues and countermeasures, ideas of building up Chinese independent beef brand, foreign and domestic fine cattle breed resources, and civilization research and development, the two-day conference employed theme reports and interactive discussion as ways to deepen extensive communication among representatives. Wang Jimin, researcher of Institute of Agricultural Economics and development, CAAS, Xu Shangzhong, President of China Cattle Industry Association, Shi Wenli, President of Shaanxi Kingbull Livestock Development Co., Ltd, Li Huanyi, President of Shine's made elegant speeches respectively on Chinese beef cattle industry development strategy from the perspective of husbandry industry all over the world, Stick to beef cattle quality inspection and empower breeding beef cattle industryways to improve revenue on domestic beef and The future of Chinese calf beef industry on the conference, all of which are well-received by the participants.


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