Celebration of the Seventh China Cattle Industry Development Conference (2)



During the seventh China Cattle Development Conference, the first China Beef Cooking Contest and China Fine Beef Brand Joint Exhibition were solemnly launched in Beijing . Dozens of famous brand-beef producers gathered together, presenting a fierce beef cooking competition to the audience. While strained by the tense atmosphere, the audience could savor a big beef meal appealing to the tongue for compensation.


Along with the accelerating pace of the beef commercialization and the increasing improvement of the production structure, different kinds (snowflake beef, western-meal beef, calve) and levels (ordinary, high quality) of beef products are shelved on domestic consumption market. Yet, driven by high returns, some shady businessman brought in large amounts of fake, unauthenticated, smuggled and illicit beef products to the domestic market, which not only harms the legal rights and interests of the certified beef producing company, but also poses hazard to the wide consumers.

In recent years, by making the best of the fine local breed resources, selecting breed in a scientific way, feeding the cattle meticulously, a great number of Beef Companies manage to produce secure beef with good quality and build up independent beef brand. Their adherence to the path of standardization, scale and marketization, sets good example to the whole industry.

The aim of holding this conference is to promote Chinese independent beef brand and guide a healthy and scientific consumption of beef. Through cooking on-the-scene, experts marking and consumer tasting, the exhibitors helps to show the genuine strength of the Chinese beef production company.


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