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On Sep.16-17, 2012, the Ninth China Sheep & Goat Industry Development Conference was solemnly held in Huairen, Shanxi Province. This Conference is organized by China Animal Agriculture Association and hosted by Huairen People's Government. Inspector Chen Weisheng of Animal Husbandry Department of MOA, General-husbandrist Shi Youlong, National Animal Husbandry Service, Deputy Head of Shanxi Agriculture Department Lei Guotang, Shuozhou Deputy Mayor Wang Zhigang, CPC Secretary Wang Zhijie of Huairen County, Honorary President Zhao Youzhang of China Animal Agriculture Association, Vice Secretary-general Xu Guifang of China Animal Agriculture Association, Deputy Chief of Shanxi Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Bureau Yao Jiguang, Ecology Station Head Bai Yuansheng of Shanxi Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Bureau, Chief Zhang Yuchun of Shuozhou Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Bureau, Vice County Head Diao Shaobo of Huairen County, President Li Hongfa of Huairen Mutton Sheep Association and other government leaders and experts took part in the conference. Besides, about 400 industry experts, scholars, entrepreneurs, industry personage also joined the conference.

Taking parting in the third China Mutton Gluttonous Festival and the Second Huairen Mutton Savoring Festival, participants enjoyed a wonderful experience of tasting mutton-made foods of Chinese Specialty, especially Huairen local food, and visiting the mutton culture festival. Based on the theme of Develop local fine stock and promote cooperative association model, the participants held extensive discussions on industrialized model of Chinese Sheep and Goat Industry, organization of Cooperation Association, exploration of international and domestic market, development of diversified and delicate products, growing of fine breeding sheep and goat, techniques on fattening mutton sheep, future of wool industry and other areas.

The specially designed forum section helped to improve interaction among participants. Professor Zhao Youzhang, Honorary President of China Sheep & Goat Association, Professor Cao Binyun of Northweste A&F University, Vice General-Commissioner of the Public Office of the Inner Mongolian Little Sheep Cao Jingheng and other top experts, entrepreneurs delivered eloquent speeches titled respectively The Status Quos, Problems, and Countermeasures of China Mutton Sheep on the way of scale, collectivism and standardization, The Status Quos of Processing and Research on Dairy Goat Industry and Dairy Products, Control of Key Risks in the Processing of Mutton and other topics. All the speeches were well received by the participants.


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