Lu Xinshi Meets with USFEC Director John Szczepanski




On October 16, 2012, President Lu Xinshi of China Grassland Association met with U.S. Forage Export Council Director John Szczepanski and Consultant Xu Fang. Both sides exchanged views on the global alfalfa situation, the preparations for the U.S. Feed Quality Workshop as well as the CAAA-USFEC cooperation.

Mr. Szczepanski gave a brief introduction of USFEC, including its principle, organization and operation. USFEC is a trade organization specialized on issues pertaining to forage exporting. It is also actively working with the USDA/FAS to advance food security education.

President Lu introduced to the visitors the function, organization of China Grassland Association. He noted, in particular, the China Alfalfa Development Conference and China Grassland Industry Conference are the two most important activities of China Grassland Association that are held in rotation every other year. For the upcoming Fifth China Alfalfa Development Conference, he sincerely invited Mr. Szczepanski and Mr. Xu to take part in the conference. Echoing President Lu's invitation, Mr. Sczepanski showed great interest and expressed his willingness to attend.

President Lu said, as China and U.S are both countries with great influence in alfalfa area, with U.S the biggest alfalfa producer and China the longest history in planting alfalfa, they should take a long-term perspective to develop bilateral relations and expand common interests based on equally and mutual respect. He added that China 's large import of alfalfa from U.S. helps to promote the U.S. alfalfa industry and increase employment revenue.

Mr. Lu said China Grassland Association and U.S. Forage Export Council share extensive common interests and expressed China Grassland Association's willingness to work with USFEC in broader areas. Other than alfalfa, the two sides may cooperate in areas such as timothy, Sudan grass and standards enacting, consumer education, food safety and etc.

Director Zhang Ying of China Grassland Association attended the meeting.


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