Invitation to the Third Global Pig Forum and the Eleventh China Swine Industry Development Conference


China is the world's biggest pig farming country and pig consuming country. The upgrading and development of its pig industry will have great influence, not only on the meat production and consumption in the domestic area, but also on the meat production and trade all around the world. At present, China 's economy is in a crucial period which calls for transformation and upgrade. The same is true to the swine industry, which is confronting challenges such as resources shortage, environment protection and brain drainage. How to break the bottleneck that checks the development of the industry and how to realize the transformation of a big pig breeding country to a strong pig state are great concerns to the industry all over the world. To unknot those issues, China Animal Agriculture Association decides to hold the Third Global Pig Forum and the Eleventh China Swine Industry Development Conference in Wuhan in May, 2013 , to converge global pig elites and industry wisdom to help accelerate the pace of pig modernization in China . We sincerely welcome leaders, officials, managers, administrators, entrepreneurs, dealers, stakeholders from related foreign government offices, embassies, institutions, enterprises to join us, availing this opportunity to strengthen bilateral communication and cooperation and promote a healthy development of global pig industry.

Theme and Content:

Theme: Swine Industry Transformation and Development

•  Based on the theme, World-famous swine experts and scholars will make keynote speeches and take part in the interaction program with the participants.

•  Meanwhile, Famous entrepreneurs are invited to share their experience in pig industry development.

Through these activities and interaction program, this conference hopes to promote a sustainable development of the world's pig industry, by exploring the development strategies of pig industry both in China and the world.


1. Global Concerns on Swine Industry Development: How to Safeguard Sufficient Pork Supply;

2. Feed Material Supply: FCR Improvement; Corn, Soybean Supply, and Substitution R&D;

3. Pig Farm Construction and Environment Control: Manure and Slurry Treatment, Ventilation System Design;

4. Managerial Mode and Farming Technology Innovation: Idea Innovation and Development Trend; New Products Promotion and New Technology Application;


CAAA sincerely welcome pig breeders and others who show great concern in the swine industry to join the conference both as participants or sponsoring partners.

Venue: TBD


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