Vice Secretary-general Xu Guifang Meets with Ukraine Program Representatives



On Monday afternoon, Dec. 3rd, 2012, Eric Trachtenberg, Director of Food & Agriculture Sector of McLarty Associates and Representatives of Ukrainian Agriculture Investment Program and Lihui Zhang, Chief Representative of Beijing Office of McLarty Associates, visited China Animal Agriculture Association and introduced their Ukrainian Agriculture Investment Program. Vice Secretary-general Xu Guifang, Director Zhang Ying of Grassland Association, Liu Yang and Wang Qisheng of International Cooperation Department attended the meeting. The two sides extended views on the Ukrainian program.

First, Vice Secretary-general Xu Guifang greeted the two visitors. Since Eric has been to CAAA several times, and each time with different identity, he made clear of the purposes of his visit and expressed hope for further cooperation.

Then, Eric gave a brief introduction of the Ukrainian program, including the investment background, investment requirement, government policy and Harmelia Investments Ltd. (an American Ukrainian invested company).

Vice Secretary-general Xu Guifang listened attentively when Eric gave the introduction. Ms. Xu said, China 's need for corn, soybean, and soybean meal is large at present, but CAAA-Ukraine contact is few. To invest in Ukraine, the membership company must take into account the objective conditions such as land, water resources as well as the government policy and legal system. Besides, the best way to invest should be integrating livestock farming with crop farming.

In response, Eric briefly introduced the government policy and stressed the stability of the policy in Ukraine. Mrs. Xu thanked Director Eric's visit and hoped that the two sides could strengthen cooperation in the future. Meanwhile, Mrs. Xu said the CAAA side would try its best to introduce the program to enterprises that are interested in it, or organize firms to inspect the program by herself.

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