The Third Session of the Third Council Member Conference Was Convened in Diaoyutai State Guesthouse



On Dec. 22, 2012, the Third Session of the Third Council Member Conference was convened in Diaoyutai State Guesthouse. About 300 official leaders, association leaders, experts, council members and media took part in the conference.

Inspector Chen Weisheng of Animal Husbandry Department of MOA, Song Hongyuan, Director of Research Center for Rural Economy, Li Xirong, Director of National Animal Husbandry Service, spoke at the conference. Vice Secretary-general Xu Guifang, Liu Qiangde, Gong Guifen and other leaders, scholars and experts, securities elites and hundreds of entrepreneurs attended the conference. The activity also attracted much media attention, with more than 40 of them attended the conference.

Vice Secretary-general Xu Guifang began the meeting by reviewing the work of CAAA in 2012 and reported the 2013 plan to the participants. Director Li Xirong presided over this section of the conference. The conference discussed and deliberated over the 2013 CAAA Plan, proposals put forward by the council members, and the name list for the supplement and waiting members reported by Vice Secretary-general Gong Guifen. Afterwards, Director Li Xirong made comment on CAAA's work in 2012 and delivered a speech on the current situation of Animal Husbandry industry.

Inspector Chen Weisheng, chaired the second section of the conference ?C China Animal Husbandry Industry High-level Symposium. To understand the industry development trend on a macroscopic basis, the Organizing Committee invited Song Hongyuan, Director of Research Center for Rural Economy to present a speech entitled National Modern Agriculture Development Plan (2011-2015).

In recent years, with more capital attracted to the animal husbandry industry, more and more enterprises begin to pay attention to the using of capital as a vehicle. To meet the requirement, an old-time Chief Analyst from Agriculture, Forest , Husbandry and Fishery Sector of Huatai Securities Co., Ltd was invited to make a speech on Capital Market and Animal Husbandry Development.

Liu Qiangde, Vice Secretary-general of CAAA concluded the conference by interpreting the operation concept of the 2013 China Animal Husbandry Expo. He also called for the participants to join the expo actively, to make the expo an innovative one with unique characteristics and take advantage of the platform to make contribution to the development of a healthy and sustainable animal husbandry industry.



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