Vice Secretary-general Gong Guifen Meets with Senior Agricultural Specialist Zhang Jianping of US Embassy




On December 31, 2012, Vice Secretary-general Gong Guifen meets with Senior Agricultural Specialist Zhang Jianping from the Agricultural Affairs Office, the Embassy of the United States of America . Both sides exchanged views on how to enhance CAAA-U.S. cooperative ties and other issues of common concern.

Jing Jizhong, Vice President of China Swine Industry Association attended the meeting. Since Mrs. Zhang is an old friend of Mr. Jing, Mr. Gong and CAAA, Mr. Jing got right down to the issues without any conventional polite formulas. Mr. Jing pointed out that the Chinese Swine Industry is currently facing two imminent tasks. First, the eighteenth National Congress of the CPC has put the increasing of individual income, science and technology innovation on the agenda as a part of our endeavor to build a moderately prosperous society in all respects. Second, according to the data released by related government authority, China had imported, in 2012, 11,000 breeding pigs from other countries, of which 7700 were imported from U.S. Meanwhile, with great change in the pig international trade and industry layout, more and more countries cast their eyes on China 's pig market and try to take a chance. Against this background, Mr. Jing asked Mrs. Zhang to invite some American experts to give presentations on ways to cope the change in international trade and labor cost during the Global Pig Forum to be held in this May in Wuhan. Mr. Jing continued to list the topics that may be interesting to the Chinese pig breeders, such as research on the change of American pig industry, 2012 U.S. corn production and trade, GM food, Regulation of feed addictive such as Ractopamine and Clenbuterol in U.S. Mr. Jing also expressed his hope to be able to invite some representatives from Smithfield Foods, the world's largest pork producer and processor to give speeches during the Global Pig Forum. Echoing Mr. Jing's remark, Mrs. Zhang said she would continue to make the best of their advantage and work to make these requirements come true.

Mrs. Gong expressed her appreciation for Mrs. Zhang's efforts over the years in promoting exchanges between CAAA and U.S. and briefed Mrs. Zhang on the broiler and layer production in China in 2012 and made her prediction on the trend of poultry development in the year of 2013. During the meeting, Mrs. Gong also advocated fair competition between the two countries, hoping some restrictions and regulations on Chinese poultry export can be lifted. For some media prank, Mrs. Gong also expressed her hope to cooperate with U.S Embassy to dissipate suspicion and promote food safety among the masses. Mrs. Zhang showed great concern to those issues. The two sides also exchanged views on the obstacles against promoting scale development in China , authentic data collection and training courses.

Ai Lin, Director of International Cooperation Department concluded the meeting and said, as the bilateral relations have entered into a new stage in which both countries present important development opportunities for each other and are major priority partners of each other, communication and exchanges shall be strengthened so as to play a positive role in promoting the relations between the two countries.

Zhang Ying, Director of China Grassland Association??Qiu Baoqin, Director of China Poultry Association and Zhao Hang, Vice Director of China Cattle Industry Association also attended the meeting.

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